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[ALBUM REVIEW] Caladmor – Of Stones and Stars

Band : Caladmor

Album : Of Stones and Stars

Genre : Epic Folk Metal

Release Date : 30.08.2013

Record Label : Self-released

Caladmor is a band from Pale, Switzerland. The band was formed in 2001. The meaning of the name – ‘dark light’ – is a significant paradox marking the music of CALADMOR.

The band’s first album “Midwinter”, which was released on 2010 via Twilight Zone Records, already made the band quite convincing and successful and now the band continues their musical journey with their second album “Of Stones and Stars”, which features the famous musicians Chrigel Glanzmann (Eluveitie) and the virtuoso Joel Gilardini (The Land of The Snow, Lunatic Fringe and Mulo Muto).

Epic tunes creating epic wideness, thundering guitar riffs and striking melodies meet the vocals of Babs and drummer Maede, leading the listener on a philosophical path through the land of myths from exhilarating heights down to the edge of the abyss.

The band has caught my attention as soon as I read that the new album was going to be released and how I enjoyed the album!

Album Review

The first song „Curse of the Gods“ greets the listener with an awesome melody and powerful riffs. At first listen, the song has a strong resemblance  of the early Ensiferum era – especially the Ensiferum songs “Iron” and “White Storm” . I really loved how the female and male vocals are in perfect harmony; the listener will especially admire the female vocals sung by Babs. I always love metal female vocalists who are a bit different and unique from the typical female singers and Babs can also be counted in this category.

With “The Raid”, the vibe of the album gets a bit ‘harsher’ and the successful and smooth growls sung by Maede definitely matches with the song title.

One song, that can be considered as a highlight is definitely “Dawn of the Deceiver”. The song is special since Eluveitie’s Chrigel Glanzmann took part in it and I think this shows, because the song has a huge Eluveitie resemblance. Furthermore, the clean vocals totally surprised me and I am sure the listener will really enjoy how smooth these vocals are and how they add another flavor to the essence of the band’s sound.

Another highlight of the album, which is also the first video, is “Alvissmal”.  Compared to the previous songs and also the rest of the album, this song can be considered as one of the harshest songs along with “Mimirs Born” and “A Nymph’s Lure”. Surely the melodic elements are there but the strong black metal influences make “Alvissmal” and the other two songs quite different and catchy for the lovers of the darker side of metal.

With “Loudine’s Lement”, the listener will – once again- be surely amazed by Babs’ voice. I think this song also represents the symphonic/melodic/folk side of the band and it shows just how diverse and entertaining this album is. Speaking of diversity, something has to be said about “Heralds of Doom”. For a folk metal fan like me, who loves bagpipes and male choirs, this song is just undescribable and it made me shiver for sure. Apart from that, “Taberna Trollis” can be considered as the most joyful song in the album; its fast rhythm and the power of the e-guitars will make the listeners dance and headbang for sure!

Generally, “Of Stones and Stars” is an album full of beauty and diversity. What I liked most about the  was how the band managed to create this diversity with the male and female vocals rather than the folk instruments or the e-guitars. While listening to the album, I got that feeling that the female vocals and the clean male vocals/choir, which are truly unique, represented the symphonic/folk/softer side of the band whereas the growls, which resemble the vocals of Chrigel Glanzmann (Eluveitie) and Jari Mäenpää (Wintersun), represented that harshness and brutality and this made the album much more entertaining and catchy. Surely, the same thing can be said about the different styles throughout the album; some songs have black/death metal influences while the other songs have the pure folk/symphonic atmosphere and I think that this is something that Caladmor has successfully managed to do by integrating different styles into their essence.Another thing I liked was the stories told within each song. This is always a plus for me with bands like Caladmor.

 “Of Stones and Stars” is definitely one of my favorite metal albums of 2013. I am so glad to have discovered this band. If you love melody, harshness and that folk atmosphere, you will love Caladmor!

Rating : 9/10

Tracklisting :

  1. Curse of the Gods
  2. The Raid
  3. Of Stones and Stars
  4. Dawn of the Deceiver
  5. Alvissmal
  6. Laudine’s Lement
  7. Mimirs Born
  8. A Nymph’s Lure
  9. Heralds of Doom
  10. Taberna Trollis
  11. Helios Sky


Barbara – Vocals
Maede – Drums, Growls, Clean Voice, Synths
Nick – Guitar
Mäsi – Guitar
Mäcka – Bass


ELUVEITIE – Working On A New Album!

According to the statement from Nuclear Blast, the Swiss folk metallers ELUVEITIE are working on a new album!

Rumour has it and spread across the endlessness of the Internet and beyond, now Swiss Folk Metal gathering ELUVEITIE have officially confirmed that they are working on a new record. Over a year has passed since the late creation »Helvetios« was released via Nuclear Blast.
The upcoming weeks will see the eight musicians on the final shows of their “Helvetios World Tour”, after having traveled around the globe for 20 months. After the tour, ELUVEITIE will take a break from playing live, with the exception of this years’ “ELUVEITIE & Friends Festival” of course.

Currently the band is fully focused on the follow-up to »Helvetios«. Work on their seventh studio album is already at full force – both, conceptionally and in song writing.

Commented the band:
“Keep your eyes and ears open! You can expect more news on this soon!

ELUVEITIE : Guitarist Simeon Koch Leaves Band

Eluveitie has stated that the guitarist Simeon Koch has decided to leave the band. The band has made the statement in their official website. You can read the statement below :

We regret to inform you that Sime (guitars) is leaving Eluveitie.
Sime was thinking about this since quite a long time already and finally decided to take this step. He will set about some new goals in his life – both, vocational and familial – which will make it impossible for him to play in a touring band.

(live photo of Sime by Audrey Dujardin; more pics you can find here: )

Sime was part of Eluveitie for 8 years now, part of our little, crazy family – and we will dearly miss him. But at the same time we’re thankful for the awesome time we spent together.
We wish him and his family all the best for his personal and vocational future!

Here you go with Sime’s personal statement:
„A couple of months ago I informed my band mates, that I’ll leave Eluveitie in September 2012 for familial reasons. It was a very tough call, it was difficult to make this decision – in a way the band is part of the family too, after all.
I will dearly miss Eluveitie. But fortunately the world (or rather Switzerland) is small: I will still play the upcoming shows in Solothurn’s Kofmehl and the Eluveitie & Friends festival with full commitment!
I wish the band all the best and accident-free upcoming tours!

We’d like to make you aware of two special shows:
Sime will share the stage with us as special guest on the 20th of September in the Kofmehl (Solothurn, CH) and on the 29th of December in the Eulachhalle (Eluveitie & Friends festival, Winterthur, CH)! Don’t miss it!

At the same time it’s about time to introduce you to the man who will follow in Sime’s footsteps!
His name is Rafael Salzmann and he will play the upcoming tours with us as a live session guitarist.

Rafael is a gifted musician and very skilled guitar player and he also already has been working together with Anna in the Soundfarm Studios. Now we’re looking forward a lot to rock the stages together with him!


As a huge fan of Eluveitie, I am sad to hear this news but at least there are no fights between him and the band so that’s good to know that all ended well 🙂 Eluveitie is getting ready to tour Europe with Sabaton in Swedish Empire Tour and they are also going to tour North America with Wintersun and Varg.

WINTERSUN : North American Tour With Eluveitie and Varg Confirmed!

The Finnish metal band Wintersun has recently announced the new tour dates for the North American tour for their upcoming album ‘Time I’. The Swiss folk metallers Eluveitie and the German pagan metal band Varg will also join Wintersun in this tour. Check out the statement and the tour dates below :

We are very excited to tour US and Canada for the first time in November/December. We´ve had lots of requests from the fans before, but finally we are able to come there and kick some ass with new material fr

om the TIME I album and of course play the old stuff too! Hope to see you guys there. Let´s make it special!


11/28/12 910 Live – Tempe, AZ
11/29/12 The Roxy Theater – Hollywood, CA
11/30/12 Oakland Metro – Oakland, CA
12/01/12 Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR
12/02/12 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
12/03/12 Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, BC – CANADA
12/05/12 Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB – CANADA
12/06/12 Republik – Calgary, AB – CANADA
12/07/12 Louis’ Pub – Saskatoon, SK – CANADA
12/08/12 West End Cultural Centre – Winnipeg, MB – CANADA
12/09/12 Station 4 – Saint Paul, MN
12/11/12 Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL
12/12/12 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
12/13/12 The Opera House – Toronto, ON – CANADA
12/14/12 Mavericks – Ottawa, ON – CANADA
12/15/12 Club Soda – Montreal, QC – CANADA
12/16/12 Imperial – Quebec City, QC – CANADA
12/18/12 Water Street Music Hall (at The Club) – Rochester, NY
12/19/12 Mr. Small’s Theatre – Millvale, PA
12/20/12 Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY
12/21/12 Royale Boston – Boston, MA

“TIME I” will be released in Europe on October 12 and on October 23 in North America via Nuclear Blast.

Wintersun’s upcoming album ‘Time I’ is also available for pre-order at this link. It will be released on October 12th via Nuclear Blast Records.

ELUVEITIE : “The Early Years” Out Now!

Nuclear Blast has just announced that ELUVEITIE – Swiss founding fathers (and mothers) of the “New Wave of Folk Metal” – celebrate their 10th band anniversary! As a special gift for the fans, they’ve decided to release “The Early Years” – a 2-CD-Digipak that contains their sought-after first EP “Vên” in an entirely re-recorded version plus the completely re-mastered debut album “Spirit”. The music press is enthralled by this intense flashback to ELUVEITIE’s glorious beginnings:

“A must-have for every ELUVEITIE collection!” (METAL HAMMER GERMANY)

“Old songs shining in new splendour (…) gorgeously authentic!” (SONIC SEDUCER)

“A superbly sounding big serving of the `New Wave Of Folk Metal´!” (MYREVELATIONS.DE)

To mark the festive occasion, Metal Hammer Germany has put a great ELUVEITIE special with lots of previously unrevealed band photos of the early days online! Make sure to check it out here:
while you’re listening to “The Early Years”, purchasable at the Nuclear Blast web shop:

Frontman, Chrigel Glanzmann has stated:“‘The Early Years’ will give both old and new fans access to the very first steps in Eluveitie’s history. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already! Speaking of that, to celebrate our 10 year anniversary (2002-2012) we wanted to offer you something special. Therefore we have decided to re-record the tracks of our first EP ’Vên’! We had a lot of fun putting those songs on tape again – some of which we have been playing live to this day and that have developed together with us over all these years.

And also the band has  uploaded a lyric video for the re-mastered version of the track `Your Gaulish War´ from “Spirit” that can be seen below:


ELUVEITIE To Release ‘Early Years’ In August

Swiss folk-metallers Eluveitie will release “The Early Years” on August 17. This will be a 2 CD-digipak bundle which will consist of the band’s debut album “Spirit” and the re-recorded version of their very first EP “Vên”. The band has been working with the producer Tommy Vetterli for this digipak.

The mainman/vocalist Christian “Chrigel” Glanzmann made the following statement about “The Early Years” :

“‘The Early Years’ will give both old and new fans access to the very first steps in ELUVEITIE’s history. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already! Speaking of that, to celebrate our 10-year anniversary (2002-2012) we wanted to offer you something special. Therefore we have decided to re-record the tracks of our first EP, ‘Vên’! We had a lot of fun putting those songs on tape again — some of which we have been playing live to this day and that have developed together with us over all these years.”

Eluveitie released their latest album “Helvetios” on February 10 via Nuclear Blast Records and the band has been touring Europe ever since (including Paganfest shows and summer festivals). The band will continue with the “Helvetios World Tour” in a few months.

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