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Interview w/ NO FUTURE


[The following interview with Pelle Åhman was originally published in Spanish in El Perro de Maldoror zine — October 2017. The questions and answers below haven’t been edited at all.]

– You named the band No Future, an effective (and trite) statement that most people associate with early punk, a whole aesthetics of rejection, a call for action here and now and an entire bunch of other things I’m not gonna reproduce here. But I suspect you may have given it yet another twist. What does it mean to you personally? Why No Future?

– Now. We say a loud NO to all powers in the world seeking to even out the individual. It denotes to feelings of alienation and madness, of ecstasy and totality. One can either look at the moment or the past. If you look! Its up to each individual moment. But the future is ALL that we have…

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[ALBUM REVIEW] Tribulance – The Aftermath Of Lies

Band: Tribulance
Album: The Aftermath of Lies
Release Date: May 2017
Record Label: Self-released
Genre: Heavy metal

CD Cover -170x159

Tribulance is an American heavy metal band. The band has ‘risen from the ashes’ in 2012 and opened for many bands such as King Diamond, Flotsam and Jetsam and Act of Defiance.

From the first spin, this band will definitely capture your interest. While spinning the record, I had the urge to see the band live as I think that they might be better live than on studio. The guitars deliver us a mixture of the classic 80s heavy metal sound mixed with the modern metal sound we know whereas vocals definitely sound trash-y to me. In this sense, the album has a nice integrity as it delivers a mixture of different genres. The elements in the album’s sound are also in harmony with each other, creating a nice and smooth atmosphere.

One point I would criticize would be the lack of originality. Surely, you can feel that these guys are giving their all but the being unique is an important aspect especially if we are talking about heavy metal. In my opinion, a band has to have their certain essence or sound in order to develop further and gain more fans and this lacked in Tribulance. So my advice would be to try to develop their own style. Secondly, although I found the vocals energetic, I sometimes felt that the vocalist had difficulties in the high-pitched or falsetto vocals.

If you are into the classic heavy/trash metal, this album might catch your attention. Give it a listen!


Michael Vidal – vocals
Sal Flores – guitar
Gino Silva- bass
Brandon Lee – drums


01) Oblivious
02) Conflict
03) The Aftermath of Lies
04) Betray
05) Initiation
06) Deny the Pain
07) Cause and Effect
08) Enamored
09) Walk the Talk

More info:
Tribulance Facebook


[EP Review] Heather Wasteland – Under The Red Wolfish Moon

Band: Heather Wasteland
EP: Under The Red Wolfish Moon
Release Date: 2016
Record Label: Self-released
Genre: Instrumental


Heather Wasteland is a Crimean folk metal band. The band calls themselves as “Cimmerian folk metal” since their style can be described as a combination of neofolk and medieval elements…. or simply ‘heretical folk art’. They have been active since 2001 and their EP ‘Under The Red Wolfish Moon’ has been released last year. The track titles of the EP are related with the different periods of time and different places of Western Europe. In this aspect, although the EP is short, the feelings or the overall vibe it gives off is rich on a cultural level. Continue reading “[EP Review] Heather Wasteland – Under The Red Wolfish Moon”

[ALBUM REVIEW] Countess – Fires Of Destiny

Band: Countess
Album: Fires Of Destiny
Release Date: 30.06.2016
Record Label: Self-released
Genre: Black/Heavy Metal
Guest Reviewer: Phillipe Saidj

Countess - Fires Of Destiny album cover

Hailing from The Netherlands, Countess has been delivering us a fine mixture of black and heavy metal since 1992. They have released 15 full-length albums in their career and although there has been many changes in the band’s history, one thing is certain: their essence has remained the same. The band has returned to the stage in 2014 after a long absence and their latest record “Fires Of Destiny” has been released last year! Continue reading “[ALBUM REVIEW] Countess – Fires Of Destiny”

GHOST – Omega’s Identity Revealed, MCC Lives!

Last week has been crazy for us Ghost fans..

There have been rumors of major line-up changes within the band ever since the end of last year and although there is still no official information, the Ghost fans were shocked and maybe surprised upon hearing/reading/seeing the news from last week.. Continue reading “GHOST – Omega’s Identity Revealed, MCC Lives!”

HIM Announce Farewell Tour

Following a long radio silence, Finnish rock giants HIM have announced a farewell tour, closing the final chapter on their 26 year career. Continue reading “HIM Announce Farewell Tour”

[ALBUM REVIEW] Eternal Delyria – Letting Go Of Humanity

Band: Eternal Delyria
Album: Letting Go Of Humanity
Release Date: 11.06.2016
Record Label: Self-released
Genre: Melodic death metal


Eternal Delyria is a melodic death metal band from Switzerland. Founded in 2011, the band is relatively young. Their style can be described as melodic death metal. Their latest and first full-length album “Letting Go of Humanity” was released last year.
Continue reading “[ALBUM REVIEW] Eternal Delyria – Letting Go Of Humanity”

FROSTTIDE – Recording Their 3rd Album, Studio Diary Online

Finnish metallers Frosttide have exciting news for the fans! Continue reading “FROSTTIDE – Recording Their 3rd Album, Studio Diary Online”

Best of 2016

It’s that time of the year again!

This year has been full with ups and downs on a personal level but also in the music world.. So many great albums have been released but we also lost many legends not only in the music world but also in the entertainment business in general… So I am sure this year will be unforgettable for many of us.

As a music journalist, this year has been full with interviews, live reports and awesome concerts as well as album releases for me. Some albums did not really captivate me as much whereas some albums still make me shiver! It was quite hard to choose my favorite top 10 records but I somehow managed to narrow it down to Top 10. So here it comes! (psst, there is also a surprise at the end :D) Continue reading “Best of 2016”

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