[The following interview with Pelle Åhman was originally published in Spanish in El Perro de Maldoror zine — October 2017. The questions and answers below haven’t been edited at all.]

– You named the band No Future, an effective (and trite) statement that most people associate with early punk, a whole aesthetics of rejection, a call for action here and now and an entire bunch of other things I’m not gonna reproduce here. But I suspect you may have given it yet another twist. What does it mean to you personally? Why No Future?

– Now. We say a loud NO to all powers in the world seeking to even out the individual. It denotes to feelings of alienation and madness, of ecstasy and totality. One can either look at the moment or the past. If you look! Its up to each individual moment. But the future is ALL that we have…

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