Band: Heather Wasteland
EP: Under The Red Wolfish Moon
Release Date: 2016
Record Label: Self-released
Genre: Instrumental


Heather Wasteland is a Crimean folk metal band. The band calls themselves as “Cimmerian folk metal” since their style can be described as a combination of neofolk and medieval elements…. or simply ‘heretical folk art’. They have been active since 2001 and their EP ‘Under The Red Wolfish Moon’ has been released last year. The track titles of the EP are related with the different periods of time and different places of Western Europe. In this aspect, although the EP is short, the feelings or the overall vibe it gives off is rich on a cultural level.

The focus and the highlight of the EP is definitely the bass guitars. It’s quite interesting to see this approach used in a folk record. In contrast to the traditional folk instruments, the bass guitars give an experimental and even funky vibe. You might even say it’s progressive.  However, I feel that the band is yet to experiment and expand their style further. The songs are simple and natural and although the first two songs caught my attention, the magic of the album sort-of faded away as reached towards the end. So I think that the overall composition could be something the band can work on in the future. This is also related to the integrity of the record; while listening to the EP,  I had the feeling that the songs were too far apart from each other. The feeling of continuity or integration is definitely needed to catch the attention of the listener.

“Under The Red Wolfish Moon” might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it surely is an interesting record. Looking forward to how the band will develop in the future!

Line-up (until September 2016):
Anatoliy Polovnikov – drums
Sergey AR Pavlov – 4-string bass
Andrey “SLN” Anikushin – 5-string bass
Alexander Vetrogon – 6-string bass

01. Tre Sverd
02. Under The Red Wolfish Moon
03. Venice (Barocco Veneziano)
04. Beltane (Intro) – Wicker Man
05. Under The Red Wolfish Moon (Single Edit)

More info:
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