Last week has been crazy for us Ghost fans..

There have been rumors of major line-up changes within the band ever since the end of last year and although there is still no official information, the Ghost fans were shocked and maybe surprised upon hearing/reading/seeing the news from last week..

Meet the Swedish musician Martin Persner, who is known for his work with Tid and Magna Carta Cartel. You may have not heard these bands before but you have surely heard the nameless ghoul Omega, Quintessence or Aether. Well… in a video that was released last week, he opens up and reveals his identity in which he ‘claims’ to be Omega. I wouldn’t call it ‘claiming’ though as the fans who have been the curious cats have known that Omega was Martin Persner all along so there is no doubt about his identity. Furthermore, he makes it clear that he is no longer in Ghost anymore since July 2016… so an era has definitely come to an end for Ghost as we won’t see Omega on stage anymore. I will spare the other details in the video about why he is rather disappointed, grumpy or sad.. A lot of theories can be created about it but as he says…”not today” 😉

Another interesting piece of news Mr. Persner announces is the revival of his band MCC as well as release of “Sway”, which was basically a demo that was leaked to YouTube years ago, which is the good news after the ‘bad news’!

MCC has been put on hold ever since Ghost emerged. Surely, some of the Ghost fans already knew about MCC and were even dying for a new release.. Well the prayers have been answered. Here’s the new statement from the band:

MCC Lives.

On the 3rd of March, 2017, MCC [Magna Carta Cartel] releases their first new music in 8 years.

After 7 years of duties in Ghost, some of the boys have returned to their home in MCC.

”Sway” [] is the first single from an upcoming MCC release, due later this year. Like many before it in the world of music, it is a song about love and hate with lyrics dealing with two different persons perspective – and the lack of the same 😉

Spread it please – everywhere.

Some of you might have heard Sway before. In 2010 we recorded a 3 track demo containing TURN, SWAY and SLEEPY EYE JUNE – it has never been officially released and are to be seen only as DEMO versions of MCC Songs. Someone found them and posted them on YouTube. Listen to them as much as you want to but remember – they are DEMOS.

”Sway” is released digitally on March, 3rd 2017.

”Sway” will also be released as an exclusive 500-copies-only 7” vinyl single on April 20th, 2017. Preorder here from March 2rd, 2017.

LÖVELY RECORDS will be releasing MCC’s first two releases ”Valiant Visions Dawn” EP (2008) and ”Goodmorning Restrained” (2009) in never before seen physical formats (Vinyl & CD) on the 31st of March, 2017. Preorder at

The fact that Mr. Persner opened up and revealed his identity is definitely interesting and raises more questions about what the hell is going on in Ghost… I guess we have to wait until the Popestar Tour starts…

As a huge fan of Ghost, Omega but also Mr. Persner himself, I am more than excited to be supporting him in his journey. I have been following his bands and the fact that MCC has been revived is definitely awesome news!