Band: Huldre
Album: Tusmørke
Release Date: 03.11.2016
Record Label: Gateway Music
Genre: Nordic/folk/pagan metal


Huldre is a folk/pagan metal band from Denmark. Formed in 2010, their music can be described as the elegant fusion of Nordic folk music and metal. After having released their debut album “Intet Menneskebarn” in 2012, the band played in some venues and gained a dedicated fanbase.  They have recently released “Tusmørke”. 

It’s always a delight listening to some natural pagan metal and this is what Huldre has for us. Throughout the record, we get to hear the nice mixture of nordic and folk elements combined with the ‘black/pagan’ metal sound. I especially liked the contrast between the heavy & dark riffs and the natural folk instruments. Add the natural and unique female vocals and you have the essence of Huldre. I also liked the transition throughout the record; at times the sound is just pure nordic music and sometimes it’s quite heavy and pagan but that natural essence of the band is definitely there. I personally like this ‘softer’ side of the record a lot more. I even think that the acoustic approach with the folk instruments and the clean female vocals could fit the band even more. Nevertheless, “Tusmørke” is definitely a nice pagan metal record with that natural atmosphere. Considering that the band is Danish, the listeners will get to experience the true Nordic vibe with this album.

One thing I would maybe criticize is the fact that in the pagan metal scene, the bands who have been formed after the ‘known’ and ‘famous’ names unfortunately stay in the shadow of these big names. Although Huldre has this original essence and sound, while listening to the record, some known names such as early Korpiklaani era or Arkona came to my mind. I don’t blame the band though; it’s quite hard to survive in this scene nowadays because after a certain point, each band sounds quite similar so Huldre definitely needs some improvement and diversity in their sound.  One thing I have come to realize is if the band ads some diversity or even some signature sound in their music, they stand out more than others. Huldre definitely has come a long way and holds potential with “Tusmørke” and I hope that they find their own place and character in this scene.

“Tusmørke” is definitely recommended to the lovers of the natural side of the pagan metal scene. It might not be a special one but if you like some Nordic elements and the natural sounds in this scene, you will like this one!

Rating: 7,5/10


01. Jagt
02. Hindeham
03. Varulv
04. Underjordisk
05. Skifting
06. Faestermand
07. Morke
08. Taering
09. Nattesorg


Nanna Barslev – vocals
Laura Beck – violin
Troels Dueholm – hurdy gurdy, flute, shawm
Lasse Olufson – guitar, lute
Bjarne Kristiansen – bass
Jacob Lund – drums, percussion

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