Project: Myrkgrav
Album: Takk og farvel; tida er blitt ei annen
Release Date: 26.10.2016 (Streaming)
Record Label: Pest Productions (Physical format to be released soon)
Genre: Folk metal


Myrkgrav is a one-man folk metal project founded in 2003 by Lars Jensen in Norway. The aim of this project has been to blend the traditional side of Norwegian folk music (with the use of traditional instruments) and the extreme/harsher side of metal. The fans have been waiting for a debut album for a while; the recent release of this project has been “Vonde Auer” which has been released as a single on 2014… 2 years after this release, Myrkgrav is (kind-of) back with an interesting full-length record. At the same time, a chapter is closed in this project as this release can be considered as a farewell from Mr.Jensen. So here is “Takk og farvel; tida er blitt ei annen”, which means “Thank you and farewell; times have changed”). 

There is an interesting aspect to this record; it is kind-of a ‘continuation’ of the debut album  “Trollskau, Skrømt Og Kølabrenning“, which has been released in 2006. However, times have changed and Myrkgrav as a project has also progressed and this is perfectly indicated in this final record (at least for now). This is not only a continuation but also a time-travel in the history of Myrkgrav since the listener will get to hear the songs from the previous albums as well. If you are especially new to Myrkgrav’s music, you will get to enjoy this time-travel a lot!

What I especially enjoyed in this record and also in Myrkgrav’s music in general is this contrast between the instrumental sound and the extreme side of metal and we get to hear this combination really well throughout the record. For the lovers of the folk-ish side of the genre, the instrumental songs will be definitely earcandy whereas the lovers of the black and extreme metal will enjoy the harsher songs more. This is one aspect I really like in Myrkgrav’s music and also one thing that Mr.Jensen accomplishes really well.

“Takk og farvel; tida er blitt ei annen” is a great but also a sad farewell for the fans of Myrkgrav. It’s definitely one of those albums that you gotta have especially if you are into this combination of folk metal and extreme/black metal. The album is only available via streaming at the moment and the physical format will be released soon. For the collectors, I definitely recommend to buy the physical format since every lyric for each song contains hand-drawn illustrations by the famous Norwegian author, illustrator, painter and comic artist Kjell Aukrust. So this record is definitely one of a kind! Thanks to Myrkgrav for delivering us great music!

Rating: 10/10

01. Skjøn jomfru (Norwegian version)
02. Vonde auer (album version)
03. Bakom Gyrihaugen (instrumental)
04. Soterudsvarten
05. Om å danse bekhette (10th anniversary edition)
06. Spålsnatt (instrumental)
07. Tørrhard
08. Finnkjerringa (10th anniversary edition)
09. Østa glette (instrumental)
10. Sjuguttmyra (album version)
11.  Uttjent (album version)
12. Tviom! (instrumental)
13. Skjøn Jomfru (English version)
14. Takk og farvel (outro)

Recording line-up:
Lars Jensen – All instruments and vocals
Olav Luksengård Mjelva -Hardanger fiddle
Erlend Antonsen – Bass guitar on #3, #10, #13, #4, #6, #12, #7, #11, #9
Bernt Fjellestad – Clean vocals on #10