Band: Mallevs Malleficarvm
Album: Homo Homini Lupus
Release Date: 2016
Record Label: TBA
Genre: Melodic Black Metal


Mallevs Maleficarvm is a melodic black metal band/project. Hailing from Germany, this project was formed by Marius Berendsen in 2012, who is also the drummer of the German black metal band, Thyrgrim. The project has recently released the debut album called “Homo Homini Lupus”. The record features guest musicians; some known names include Robse from Equilibrum (yes…the funny guy of the band!), the former Bethlehem vocalist Alexander Schmied and Vorna vocalist, Vesa Salovaara.

This is an interesting record for sure. The fact that many guest musicians took part in this album made it quite versatile as we get to hear everyone’s interpretation and way of black metal. This diversity within the record will make the listener want to hear more. It was especially interesting to see Robse’s another side; he is normally known as this funny guy in Equilibrium but this record is serious and brutal as fuck… and so is Robse!

Generally, the record is straightforward and brutal; there are no ‘atmospheric’ passages or long melodies that keep us waiting. It’s all about aggression and brutality. In this sense, although this is a melodic black metal record, the listener will find some elements from thrash and death metal here and there. On the other hand, the songs are a bit longer than the typical ‘straightforward’ BM songs that I am used to. So I personally prefer shorter songs in albums like these. Nevertheless, the songs being long does not make the album repetitive or dull; in some songs, we get to hear the amazing drumming and in other songs we get to hear some great guitar riffs (“Event Horizon”).

Sound-wise, some might find the production a bit ‘raw’ and the album not so well-produced. I normally don’t like this ‘rawness’ in BM albums but this aspect was one of the reasons that captivated me in the first place and I even felt that the album paid a tribute to the classic BM era with that ‘raw’ production. So if you like your black metal ‘polished’, you might not be satisfied with this one. But if you are longing for the old BM era, then you will like this record a lot!

“Homo Homini Lupus” is a great black metal record for the start. The listeners will enjoy the combination of the ‘modern’ BM era and raw, old-school BM era. My personal favorites are “Under The Red Skies”, which delivers a great combination of this technical and melodic side of BM, “Event Horizon”, “War” (the most brutal song in the record probably) and “Tragedy and Triumph”… Get the record and decide for yourself! Definitely recommended to the lovers of brutality, aggression and darkness!

Rating: 8,5/10

01. Homo Homini Lupus
02. Der Widerchrist
03. Under The Red Skies
04. A Blaze at Dawn
05. He shall bring no light
06. Event Horizon
07. Sieben Sonnen
08. War
09. Tragedy and triumph
10. Mors Ultima Ratio

Singers on the album:
Alexander Schmied (MOR DAGOR / SEKTEMTUM / ex – BETHLEHEM) on #1,#2,#4
Robse (EQUILIBRIUM) on #2,#3,#7,#8
Vesa Salovaara (VORNA) on #5
Dirk Weiß (EXHATE) on #6
Kain (THYRGRIM) on #9

Live Line-up:
Robert “Robse” Martin Dahn – Vocals
Marius Berendsen – Drums
Dennis Baron – Guitar
Nico Neth – Guitar
Alexander Rueting – Bass

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