The Finnish epic/folk metallers Frosttide have some big changes coming up… The band has just stated that they have parted ways with the vocalist/guitarist Joni Snoro and bassist  Lauri Myllylä. Here is the full statement:

We are saddened to inform that due to personal differences and motivation problems. FROSTTIDE has decided to part ways Joni Snoro and Lauri Myllylä. The band will continue working as a 3-piece on the follower of Blood Oath which will see the light somewhere next year. We thank Joni and Lauri for their time in Frosttide and wish them the best in their musical career with their new project.
This situation does not affect the album making process neither the sound of the band. The only difference will be the vocals that will be done from now on by Juho Patinen.
Our show in Bäkkäri, Helsinki on 10.12.2016 will remain as planned. Guitars and bass stations will be covered by two session musicians which will be announced next month.
We thank you for your understanding.

With 2 bandmembers leaving the band, Frosttide’s current line-up consists of:
Juho Patinen (Vocals, Guitar)
Joonas Nislin (Drums)
Felipe Munoz (Keyboards, Backing vocals)

Let’s see what the band has for us in the future!