Band: Irij
Album: Cultura Cura
Release Date: 15.08.2016
Record Label: Self-released
Genre: Electronic folk rock


In the world of folk music, there are some interesting and unique projects which are always a delight to listen to! Irij has been one of those ; formed by Meri Tadic, who has gained ‘fame’ as the former fiddle player of Eluveitie, the one-woman project has been going strong ever since its birth. After having released the first debut album “Same Zgode…” in 2014, Irij has gained a loyal fanbase that has been growing slowly but steadily.

After 2 years of ‘silence’, Irij is back with a brand new debut album called “Cultura Cura”, which is out on August 15th! I was so excited when I heard the news and my expectations were high for sure! 

From the first spin, I felt the warm and welcoming spirit of the record. Compared to the previous one, “Cultura Cura” feels more ‘universal’ and dynamic. That unique Irij sound is there for sure; the highlight of the sound is formed by the unique and sincere vocals, the folk-ish instruments – lead by the fiddle- and the authentic music that Ms. Tadic brings. But what I like most about “Cultura Cura” and Irij in general is that there are no boundaries, no limits and no genres! This is clearer in this record; you can feel that Ms. Tadic is really dedicated and does this from the heart. The record feels like a freestyle poem from the beginning to the end and that’s why it feels so unique and refreshing!

How does “Cultura Cura” sound like then? The record having no boundaries means that the listener will experience bundles of melodies and emotions. The album is dominated by that folk-ish approach in songs like “The Storm”, “Saljiva”, “Rusalka” or “Where Colours Coalesce” but then there are also transitions of genres such as that house/ambient approach in “Carolija” or the the upbeat almost alternative rock approach in”Universe Of No Remorse”… So expect some surprises that will keep you hooked on the album more!
I can say that despite some songs in the record, which did not ‘catch’ my attention as much as the others, the album is really easy to listen to and I am sure everyone will find what they will like in the record. I personally liked the first half a bit more, my favorites are “Universe of No Remorse” and “Where Colours Coalesce”!

“Cultura Cura” is such a colourful and unique record that anyone can enjoy! Depending on what kinda music you like, you will like a specific side of the album even more. Get it and decide for yourself! Especially recommended for the lovers of ‘folk’ music 😉

Rating: 9/10


01. Young Wild Men
02. The Storm
03. Carolija
04. Universe of No Remorse
05. Saljiva
06. Where Colours Coalesce
07. Rusalka
08. Cur
09. Tri Bora
10. Mothers Sisters Daughters & Wives
11. The Eyes of the Machine
12. In Paradise

Line-up for this album:
Meri Tadic – fiddle, vocals, songs, production
Tommy Vetterli (CORONER) –  electric guitar / mixing
Henri Sorvali (MOONSORROW)  – banjo
Anna Murphy (CELLAR DARLING, LETHE, ex-ELUVEITIE) – hurdy gurdy
Joza Tadic (THEN)-  acoustic guitar
Dominik Burkhalter (BLIGG) – drums
Manu Rindlisbacher (INGRID LUKAS) – bass
Maze Koon (TOMAZOBI) –  acoustic guitar
Chris Neary (BLACKROCK) – programming

More info:
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