Band: Death Design
Single : Drown With Me
Release Date: 04.08.2016
Record Label: Inverse Records
Genre: Death Metal


Death Design is a metal band from Pori, Finland, formed in January 2016. The band’s music is a mixture of  various genres such as groove, progressive and melodic metal.
The band released their debut single just last week!

I remember having reviewed the release of a band in which the member of Death Design used to play so this promo single made me curious! “Drown With Me” features elements from various genres such as death metal, progressive metal and even grindcore/metalcore (which I found quite interesting!). I gotta admit that this type of style is not really my cup of tea but the more I listened to the single, the more I appreciated how technical the project is and how dedicated they are. It’s maybe not for those who like the ‘melodic’ side of the metal but if you are into the technical metal with the aggressive death-metal vocals, I would recommend you to keep an eye on this project and the upcoming songs! Let’s see what the band has for us in the future!

Janne Salminen – Vocals
Mikael Weckström – Guitar(s)
Ville Lähteenmäki – Drums

More info:
Death Design Facebook