The one-and-only nordic folk band WARDRUNA have finally given us update about the upcoming album “Runaljod,Ragnarok” ! According to the announcement on the band’s Facebook page, the album will be released on October 2016 via their own label By Norse Music.

Being a patient man is an important part in creating the music of Wardruna and equally so is being a patient fan of Wardruna it seems. After countless hours creating and countless emails received with the question regarding «when the new album will come», it feels really good to finally be able to address the matter more concretely. We are currently in the very final stages of recording and writing the music for Runaljod – Ragnarok. Seeing the final pieces of a puzzle started almost fifteen years ago fall into place feels very special and I very much look forward to share it with you all. The record will be released in October 2016 through our very own and newly founded label By Norse Music.

I am sure the Norwegian legends will deliver us some awesome music from the north! Looking forward to further updates!