The legendary American dark/progressive folk metallers Agalloch have unfortunately called it quits…

The band has posted a Facebook status update on their page today:

Following 20 years, 5 full length albums, many tours around the world, and numerous other recordings, John Haughm and the rest of the band (Don Anderson, Jason Walton, and Aesop Dekker) have parted ways. What the future holds for the separate parties remains undetermined. We collectively thank all of our fans across the world. There are also way too many other people to thank who made this band possible. You know who you are.

As a huge fan of the band, I am shocked at the news.. Agalloch is and will remain one of my favorite bands;the music that they have brought will live on. They were definitely one of a kind and there will be no other like them.
I also respect the guys for never ever having sold out. They always remained true to their roots and remained loyal to everyone that appreciated the beauty of their music.

Thank you Agalloch for the beautiful music.