Band: Bloodred
Album: Nemesis
Release Date: 08.04.2016
Record Label: Self-released
Genre: Blackened death metal


Bloodred is a blackened death metal band from Germany. The project/band has been formed in 2009 by Ron Merz, who is the songwriter and plays all the instruments. So the band is more like a one-man-project. The lyrics cover a wide range of diverse topics.

After having released 2 EPs, Bloodred is back with a full-length album called “Nemesis” and it will be released this month!

From the catchy riffs to the aggressive atmosphere, “Nemesis” will definitely impress the listeners from the beginning! After a short intro, the listener will be taken away with “Tragedien I Svenkehuset”. The aggressive and the dark vibe, which is introduced in this song, is blended well within the record and they are definitely the highlights. What caught my attention is also how Mr.Merz uses the riffs and the vocals; the riffs are mostly black metal whereas the vocals give the album that death metal feeling. This was one of the aspects I quite liked about the record!

Soundwise, the record is quite technical so the fans of the technical side of the genre will enjoy this record more. The style even reminded me of a less melodic version of Tuomas Saukkonen’s Wolfheart or even his previous projects. One interesting aspect I recognized is, -apart from black/death metal influences- the post-metallish influences towards the end but this is more of an indirect approach and the listener might recognize this after giving the record a few spins. So I recommend you to listen to the record a few times; who knows what you will discover!

Despite some pros, there are some aspects that need to be improved. I personally looked for more melodies and more ‘feelings’ (or maybe atmosphere) that trigger the spark in me and this did not exist in the record mostly. I also think that the emphasis was given more on the riffs rather than the vocals, which give the whole aggression and brutality to the record. So I got the feeling that the vocals could have been even darker to create the atmosphere. For a start, “Nemesis” is a great record but I am sure that Mr. Merz will surprise us even more if he collaborates with musicians who have different perspectives as I think that Bloodred’s style is quite flexible and it would be interesting to see different dimensions and variety within the project’s sound!

Rating: 7/10


  1. Fell Voices On The Wind (Instrumental)
  2. Tragedien I Svenskehuset
  3. Nemesis
  4. The Hail-Storm
  5. Collateral Murder
  6. The Lost Ones
  7. Spirits Of The Dead
  8. Im Kalten Licht Der Ewigkeit


Ron Merz – guitars, bass, vocals
Joris Nijenhuis – drums

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