Band: Kaross
Album: Two
Release Date: 05.02.2016
Record Label: Skulls and Flames Recordings/Cramada
Genre: Stoner Rock

Kaross - TWO - Artwork

  Kaross is a Swedish stoner rock band. Formed in 2002, they have been delivering some “groovy rocking music” with elements from doom metal and stoner rock. The latest record “Two” (2013) has been recently re-released and the band is slowly getting the mojo back!

Throughout the record, we get to hear the awesome combination of doom-y and dynamic riffs and the stoner/heavy metal vocals. The album doesn’t have a certain rhythm as well; the pace is quite slow in the beginning but then the tension is built and at the end, we get to see the true potential of the band with faster up-tempo beats. So depending on what side of this genre you like – slow? or faster?- you will get to pick your favorites from the record. Some of you might ask “what about the bass guitar though?” as the bass guitar is an important element in albums like these. It took me a while to recognize the hidden beauty of the element in the album but the band managed to also blend in the ‘bass elements’ quite well.

Generally, the influences from some names are easily recognized but I found this quite nice. For those of you who haven’t heard the name Kaross, this might come as an advantage. It would also be unfair to say that the band doesn’t have potential; they have definitely impressed me with this record. “The Lake, The Beach” and “Two” are some of the highlights.

“Two” is definitely recommended for the lovers of stoner/doom rock and metal. Albums like these are especially awesome for road trips or to have a good time!


Rating: 8/10


01. Burn Witch Burn
02. Borderline
03. The Lake, The Beach
04. The Evil
05. TWO
06. I Call The Shots
07. All Cream Is Gone
08. Hyde
09. Fawn
10. Dirty Beer


Magnus Knutas – lead vocals
Kalle Sjöstrand – lead guitar
Patrik Olsson – bass, backing vocals
Mojje Andersson – drums, backing vocals

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