Band: Wrathrone
Album: Born Beneath
Release Date: 22.01.2016
Record Label: Inverse Records 
Genre: Death Metal


Wrathrone is a Finnish death metal band. Founded in 2008, the band has been delivering aggressive death metal with their own authentic sound. They have released 2 EPs so far and “Born Beneath”, the full-length record, has been recently released!

I have to say that I am not familiar with this genre and I rarely review albums like these but this one somehow caught my attention! I also didn’t know anything about the band before listening to the record but I was completely blown away!

Although the band’s genre can be defined as death metal, what they deliver with “Born Beneath” is definitely old-school death metal (riffs and drumming) but I also noticed some grind influences especially in the vocals, which I found quite impressive! Apart from this, the record is quite versatile; the riffs are dynamic and sometimes melodic (check out the solo in “Sea of Sickness”) and there are some twists, just like I stated above. So I am sure even the listeners who are not familiar with the genre will like this record.

One thing I really liked about this record is how straightforward it is; the songs are just in the right length and each song is filled with that brutal energy that the band delivers. Some songs definitely stand out though; I loved the melodic riffs in “Age of Decadence” and “Blunt Blade Birth” as well as the awesome guitar solo in “Sea Sickness”.

“Born Beneath” is brutal, dynamic and definitely old-school! Even if you are not familiar with the genre, give this record a chance!

Rating: 9/10


1. Born Beneath
2. Age of Decadence
3. Eternal Salvation
4. Failing flesh, enduring spirit
5. Blunt Blade Birth
6. Dead End
7. Sea of Sickness
8. Carnal Lust


Lauri Holm – guitars
Matti Vehmas – vocals
Pekka Wärri – bass
Mikael Ruoho – drums
Vili Mäkinen – guitars & backing vocals

More info:
Wrathrone @ Facebook