2015 is coming to an end and this time, I thought I would do a countdown as we have only 10 days left until the New Year!

This time, I will post my top 10 favorite albums of this year. The albums are not in particular order. It was so damn hard to choose a favorite album anyway! 😀

So let’s start with #10!


Finnish metallers WOLFHEART have released “Shadow World” on August 2015 and I cannot stop listening to it ever since! I also had the chance to see the band live at the end of November as they were the support act of SWALLOW THE SUN… They rocked the venue!

If you ask me why this album has been in the Top 10…well, the album has that perfect winter vibe (hence, the genre is called “winter metal”) and I had the feeling that the band has improved a lot with “Shadow World”.. You can tell that they are sure of themselves!

Wanna know more? Click here to read my review! 

Tune in for #9 😉