Band: Craving
Album: At Dawn
Release Date: 2013
Record Label: Apostasy Records
Genre: Death/folk metal

Craving - At Dawn (October 2013 Worldwide)

Craving is a melodic death metal band from Germany. Founded as Erebos in 2005, the band went through several line-up changes and played over 50 live gigs in Germany and several other countries. The band’s sound is a mixture of folk/death metal with some black metal influences; their inspiration comes from history and nature as well as movies and novels.

It’s been 2 years since the band’s latest album “At Dawn” has been released but I decided to review the album by request; I was curious about the band after all! Plus, the band is currently working on a new material so I thought it would be nice to listen to the latest record.

From the first song, we get to experience that pure death metal atmosphere which will draw in the listener and make the listener wonder about the rest of the album. Beware that this is not a ‘too-technical’ death metal record though – which is even more impressive in my opinion- ; apart from that harsh atmosphere, the band has delivered great folk-ish melodies that add another diversity to the sound of the album. The melodies are dynamic, fun and quite authentic as well! Surely, the listeners that are familiar with Craving’s roots will notice those Russian melodies here and there but I thought of it more as the signature of the band which made me enjoy this record even more!

Soundwise, the album is really well-produced. Especially considering that the album consists of many dynamic elements, the listener will be able to hear each of those elements. I also really liked that the band balanced the harsh/clean vocals really well; harsh vocals reminds us that this is a death metal record whereas the clean vocals here and there form the melodic side of the record. My personal favorites are “Sons of the Rebellion”, “Schwarze Flügel” and “Olga.”

Personally, “At Dawn” is definitely a more enjoyable record than I expected. It’s dynamic, fun and has that awesome ‘in-your-face’ attitude! Definitely recommended for the lovers of the melodic death metal/folk metal scene. Let me remind you as well that the band is working on an upcoming album so you better mark your calenders; this band has been improving and I am sure their comeback will kick ass!

Rating: 9/10


  1. Mik
  2. Sons of the Rebellion
  3. Targaryen Wrath (feat. Chris Caffery)
  4. In die Nacht hinein (feat. Niels Loeffler)
  5. Schwarze Flügel – Black Wings (feat. Agalaz)
  6. Olga
  7. Breath After Breath
  8. Garden of Bones
  9. Dance with the Wind
  10. Hellraiser


Ivan Chertov – vocals, guitar
Maik Schaffstädter – drums
Leonid Rubinstein – bass
Tobias Petri – live guitars (current guitarist)
Thorsten Flecken – guitars for “At Dawn” (former guitarist)

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