The Finnish doomsters are back!

SWALLOW THE SUN have unveiled the release date and the cover artwork of the upcoming triple full-length  album “Songs from the North I & II & III”.

The band’s statement:

We are proud to announce that the release date for our triple full-length album is November 13th, 2015. Songs from the North is:

“Songs from the North I” continues in the vein of the albums before it – first-rate death-doom.

“Songs from the North II” is a beautiful acoustic foray, unplugged revel in the darkness.

“Songs from the North III” is the most extreme album, a complete ride into most horrific abyss of finely-crafted, conscience-crushing funeral doom.

The release will be available as Special Edition 3CD Box containing 3 Digipaks and a booklet, Ltd. Deluxe Edition 5LP+3CD Box with each album in a gatefold sleeve & as digital album.

Cover photo by Aleah L Stanbridge Photography

Here’s the cover artwork!
Really looking forward to the record! 😀