As some of you heard about it, Finnish metallers POISONBLACK have decided to disband after 15 years. This news was surely not easy for us die-hard fans and most of us had the “why, how, when” questions in mind… Surprisingly and luckily, with the help of a friend, I was able to contact the mainman Ville Laihiala about the decision of the band, what he has been up to and what lies ahead in the future… so here’s the e-mail interview with VL!


Hello Ville! Firstly, thanks for taking time to do the interview. How are you doing?

I’m fine, thanks for asking.

Surely, Poisonblack coming to an end made a lot of fans quite sad. Can you tell us about when this decision was made? Was it rather spontaneous or did you guys kinda see it coming?

I started to think about it when I was writing songs for our last album “LYIJY”. As I said back then that it might be the last one. This decision is made by me. I wanted to end the band, not the other guys. Honestly, I feel that I do not have enough motivation to continue. The music I was writing after “LYIJY” was just a repetition of what have already been done and my heart was not into it anymore.

When you made the decision to end Poisonblack, have you done this with a bit of regret or did it kinda feel right? How do you personally feel about it?

I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The decision was not easy. I lost about 10 kg and had trouble sleeping for a couple of months. But I knew that it was the right thing to do because it had turned to being this huge burden eating away my mental health. Now that it is out in the open feels relieving.


With Poisonblack “disbanding”, a lot of fans are wondering about what you will do after this. Are you considering about doing a next project (solo or with a band)? Who would you want to collaborate with if you decide to do a project? We personally would love to see a collaboration with JP Leppäluoto! 

I feel free to write whatever kind of music I want now and I have. I am starting a new band which you`ll hear more about soon. JP is a great musician but I want to do something completely different with new musicians. Start fresh. Get the mojo back and play from the heart.

When you look at back at Poisonblack, which show in general would you say has been the most important one?

I cannot name just one…the tours with Lacuna Coil, Dark Tranquillity and Moonspell did help the band to push forward. I mean, the long tours really make you become one because you pretty much share everything and that is what you saw onstage when we played. Also the big festivals. Club shows. In a way they`re all important.

When you think about all the studio albums of Poisonblack, which one has been your favorite or has a special place in your heart?

Even though the first one (Escapextacy,2003) is not my favorite one it is still the first. It started the journey, touring, bonding…a lot of good memories. Then I`d say the last one. Solid rock album done with 110% attitude.


Let’s go back to the very beginning of the band. Do you remember the first attempt or the first concert of Poisonblack?

Yes I do, unfortunately. The first two were just tragicomic. Oulu and Evijärvi. Guitars out of tune, musicians out of tune by too much alcohol. The band nearly broke up after the second show because we were fighting in the backstage which continued on the bus on the way back home. It was just so chaotic.

Poisonblack has many loyal fans. What do you think about the loyal fans who wait after the shows and try to get an autograph or have a chat with the band/with you?

It is totally understandable. Without them we would not be playing there in the first place. On the other hand, sometimes you just feel so tired or do not have the energy to to go out and meet people. What I mean is that sometimes you have to deal with too many assholes compared to how many sane persons wanna talk with you. Fortunately they are few and far between.

10557193_10152706557635757_5777829167070418741_n                                                        Photo by: Henry Nyman

You have been around in the Finnish metal scene for a long time. What do you think about the music market when you consider Poisonblack?

I don`t think about the music market. To talk about it is so fucking boring.

What are your favorite bands from today’s metal scene? What do you listen to generally?

I do not follow any scenes. At the moment I`ve been listening ROYAL BLOOD and LONDON GRAMMARS.

Lastly, what are your wishes as a musician in the upcoming years? Is there anything that you want to

To get the fire back, record a couple more albums and play live.

Special thanks to: Ville Laihiala, Taija Holm at Propromotion, Dorota and Gamze!

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