Their fans have long known that the 20-year veteran vikings of Månegarm are not afraid of developing their melodic pagan sound further. With their latest, self-titled album the band keeps true to course: Månegarm remains expressive and varied from the first note to the last.

The band based around singer Erik Grawsiö unveils highly anticipated details for the upcoming studio album – set to be released on November 20th!

From Swedish folk ballads reminiscent of campfires to wild and forceful black metal interludes, everything the metal sounds of the north are known for is represented on this album. Those looking for the soundtrack to life as a seafaring warrior will get just the thing with Månegarm.


1. Blodörn
2. Tagen av daga
3. Odin owns ye all
4. Blot
5. Vigverk – del II
6. Call of the runes
7. Kraft
8. Bärsärkarna från Svitjod
9. Nattramn
10. Allfader
11. Månljus – BONUS TRACK
12. Mother Earth Father Thunder – BONUS TRACK featuring Jennie Tebler – sister of Quorthon/Bathory, Alan Nemtheanga (Primordial) & Mikael (Ereb Altor)

I can’t wait to hear how it sounds! The previous record was awesome and I am sure the Swedish beasts won’t disappoint us this time as well! 😀