Band: Sabhankra

Album: Seers Memoir

Release Date: 2014

Record Label: Haarbn Productions

Genre: Epic metal


Sabhankra is an epic metal band from Turkey. Formed in 2001, the band’s style is actually quite interesting; their sound is a mixture of melodic death/black and even thrash metal with folk influences. The band has released their second full-length album “Seers Memoir” on December 2014. Although it’s been a while since the album was released, I always try to support the awesome underground bands so I decided to give this album a shot!

From the first song “Pyron”, the record gives us an impression that this album has a diverse style and it is indeed so! The first song starts quite progressive-like; it even took me to the old Amorphis era but the rest of the record is quite different! The songs are melodic, catchy and at the same time quite brutal and has that ‘into-your-face’ vibe. It’s hard to categorize the record’s style; the listeners will notice thrash metal (“Fate is Already Written”), power metal (“Seers Memoir”, “Time of War”, notice the power metallish clean vocals!) and melodic death metal influences but what I liked the most is that the band has their unique sound despite some influences from legendary bands and this makes the album quite impressive!  I even caught some ethnic melodies and beats in “Seers Memoir” and “Dancing With Death”. So long story short, there is a little bit of everything for everyone in this record; it’s not dull at all and manages to catch the attention of the listener from the beginning to the end.

Soundwise, the album’s production is quite clean and those brutal vocals mixed with the melodic riffs will be heard quite clearly. The record is also instrumental at times so that the listener can enjoy the guitar solos or the atmospheric melodies in the background and this forms a balance between that death-metal aggression and the atmospheric melodies. Personally, although I loved the record, what I would love to hear more would be maybe a bit more progressive/atmospheric melodies which would add another diversity to the band’s unique sound.

“Seers Memoir” is a must-have for fans of melodic death/thrash and folk metal! You will love it for sure!

Rating: 9/10


  1. Pyron
  2. Against the False Gods
  3. We March
  4. Seers Memoir
  5. The Windshaper
  6. Time of War
  7. Dancing With Death
  8. Fate is Already Written
  9. A Star To Shine
  10. Easing The Pain


Savaş Sungur – Vocals & Guitars
Süha Kozbey – Guitars
Gürkan Yücel – Bass
Mehmet Engin – Drums


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Sabhankra Bandcamp