Band: Traum

Album: Erode

Release Date: 17.12.2014

Record Label: Self-released

Genre: Post-rock/Experimental/Shoegaze

Traum is an Italian/Irish band based in Italy. Formed in 2012, the band’s music can best be described as a mixture of shoegaze and post-rock with influences from Viking and Scandinavian culture. The band has released their first album “Erode” on December 2014.

It’s hard to describe an instrumental album like “Erode”; there are a variety genres featured in the record – progressive, post-rock, post-metal, doom, psychedelic- and this makes the style and the sound of the album complex. The album starts in a doom-y way for example but throughout the record, the sound takes on different form, which will surely surprise the listener as you don’t know what to expect and this was one of the aspects that I liked about the album.

Soundwise, “Erode” being an instrumental album makes it complex; each song will tell a different story to each listener. As a matter of fact, I had the impression that the songs did not have any story, it felt like the band was just ‘brainstorming’/ ‘jamming’ melodies and this was one of the aspects which confused me. On one hand, I can see that the band really made a huge effort and put on an album with a very diverse sound. But sometimes during the record, I felt lost in the melodies; maybe the album could have been a bit more ‘united’ as a whole to keep the listener interested. Experimenting with many genres is surely great but I think it’s also a complicated business trying to harmonize different styles together, which requires time for sure. Nevertheless, I think that the band has potential and I am sure they will improve themselves!

“Erode” is definitely recommended for music lovers who are looking for instrumental albums with a bit of experimenting… Surely, “Erode” might not be a captivating record in my opinion but it’s worth giving it a spin and finding your own path within the songs!

Rating: 6,5/10


  1. Hefna
  2. Oceano Antico
  3. Erode
  4. Solas Dorcha
  5. Dagda
  6. Ecate
  7. Heavydale
  8. Invasori


Alessandro Cavazza – guitars

Michael Harding- drums

Giulio Sangirardi – acoustic guitars and baritone, bass guitar

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