Band : Moonspell

Album : Extinct

Release Date : 06.03.2015

Record Label : Napalm Records

Genre : Dark/Gothic Metal


Moonspell is a dark/gothic metal band from Portugal. Formed in 1992, the band started out as a black metal band and with the release of “Wolfheart” (1995), the band has gained appreciation and became known. Throughout the years, the band’s sound has changed and evolved but the essence and that dark Moonspell sound is still there!
The band has released their 11th studio album “Extinct” on March 2015 and I was beyond excited for this release! Here is my review!

Album Review

There are some albums that captivate you from the first moment and “Extinct” is one of them! From the first song “Breathe (Until We Are No More)”, Moonspell shows the evolvement of the band with a mixture of the old as well as the new style. Fans of old Moonspell, don’t you worry. The band has still that dark and gothic sound and in some songs, you will even hear some tributes to the old Moonspell era. As a late discoverer of the band, I really loved the band’s style; dynamic, dark and aggressive.
Musically, as mentioned before, the dark and gothic sound forms the highlight of the album. That’s not it though, in some songs, the band has used oriental elements with the help of Mümin Sesler String Group which is a Turkish orchestra based in Istanbul. I found this approach really unique; it added another flavor to the band’s ‘melodic dark’ style. Just listen to “Medusalem” and you will know what I mean. Apart from this, “Extinct” also has some harsh moments; in songs like “Malignia” and “Funeral Bloom”, vocalist Fernando Ribeiro’s harsh vocals show the listener that Moonspell sound that we all love and crave for. In this sense, “Extinct” is an album featuring many elements that show that Moonspell is still rocking it after so many years! I also loved the Type O Negative influence in “The Future is Dark”; the synths/melodies in the background took me to those old times and made me love the record even more!

“Extinct” is definitely one of the best of 2015! It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the old or the new Moonspell era. The album will be beyond your expectations. All in all, it’s Moonspell we’re talking about! Listen to it and catch the band live on tour if you can!

Rating: 10/10


  1. Breathe (Until We Are No More)
  2. Extinct
  3. Medusalem
  4. Domina
  5. The Last of Us
  6. Malignia
  7. Funeral Bloom
  8. A Dying Breed
  9. The Future Is Dark
  10. La Baphomette


Fernando Ribeiro – vocals 
Ricardo Amorim – guitar
Pedro Paixão – keyboard, sampler, guitar
Aires Pereira – bass
Mike Gaspar – drums

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