Band : Sumer

Album : The Animal You Are

Release Date : 25.11.2014

Record Label : Wild Heart Records

Genre : Post-Metal

Reviewer: G. Damgacı – Sense of Tune


Band Info

Sumer is a Post-Metal from UK.


This album is all about accessibility, creativity and technicality. Almost all songs are richly guitar-driven with dark, groovy, and powerful riffs of their three guitarists. Structural intensity and rigorous progression of the songs give them a unique advantage to hover around rock and metal subgenres. While seemingly lacking some of the agression compared to instrument parts and being a little bit overwhelmed with instrumentation, vocals are haunting and great. As a result, “The Animal You Are” is a solid debut album for Sumer.

Rating: 9/10

Track Listing:

1. Introspect
2. Chisel
3. Progenesis
4. The Animal You Are
5. Vanes
6. Pinch, Cut
7. Lure
8. Vincent West
9. End of Sense


Ian Hill – vocals/guitar

Tim Bonney- vocals/guitar

Jim Hall – guitar

Toby Bonney- drums

Taria Dawnson – bass


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