Band: Frosttide

Album : Blood Oath

Release Date : 27.02.2015

Record Label : NoiseArt Records

Genre : Epic/folk metal

frosttide cover final



Frosttide is an epic/folk metal band from Finland. Founded by Joni Snoro in 2009, the band is relatively young but also has managed to caught the attention of many folk/epic metal lovers. Especially after the release of their first full-length album “Awakening” (2013), the band gained a huge success and played with some big metal bands like Turisas and Ensiferum in Heidenfest 2013.

The band has recently relased their second full-length album, “Blood Oath”. The band is also in the line-up of PAGANFEST 2015, which will start in exactly two weeks!

As a huge fan of the band, I knew I had to review “Blood Oath”. Especially after seeing the band for the first time live in Heidenfest 2013 and having followed the band’s progress from the beginning, my expectations were quite high and I wasn’t disappointed at all! From the first song “Prologue”, it is clear that this record is not your typical folk/epic metal album. Considering that this is a concept album, the band has done a great job with the first song which shows the band’s improvement for sure. The song makes the listener curious and wonders more about the story and tells the listener to ‘come on in’.

Musically, the album has a lot to offer. Especially compared to the previous record, I have realized that influences from big epic/folk metal bands have disappeared and Frosttide definitely has started to form its unique sound. This is obvious from the guitar riffs, which are catchy and form the essence of that dynamic structure of the album, but also the melodies/keyboards. A great example of this is “Gates of the Asylum”; the starting of the song has definitely that symphonic approach (which reminded me of the symphonic melodies in Epica songs) but as one listens to the song, we see a unique Frosttide sound, combining the male choirs with keyboards and riffs.

Another highlight of the album is definitely the improved vocals; the vocals are definitely more ‘technical’ and even ‘death-metal like’ in this record (which differs from the previous records). In this sense, the vocals also add another excitement and spark to the record; they are not dull and not too technical but entertaining for the listeners from every metal genre. Just listen to “Fate Redefined” or “Traitor Within” and you will know what I mean. The album is not all about ‘harsh’ vocals though; throughout the album, the listeners will also hear male choirs here and there like in the song “Winds of Winter’s Call” , which I found really clever and which makes the album even more entertaining.

Soundwise, the album is really well-produced and considering that the band has combined a lot of elements, the listener does not get lost in each musical element or highlight but can enjoy every piece; be it the vocals, riffs or the synths. We all know that production can be a bit tough in epic metal records but “Blood Oath” has a smooth production and so the listening to this record will also be smooth.

“Blood Oath” is not just another epic/folk metal record. This concept album features elements from different genres such as symphonic, death metal and even progressive so don’t underestimate this record! I can definitely recommend it to every fan of ‘metal’ in general. Frosttide is back, stronger and with a more improved and atmospheric sound!

Rating: 9,5/10


  1. Prologue
  2. Blood Oath
  3. Gates of the Asylum
  4. Fate Redefined
  5. Traitor Within
  6. Foreshadow
  7. New Reign
  8. Winds of Winter’s Call


Joni Snoro – vocals, guitar

Juho Patinen – guitar, additional vocals

Joonas Nislin – drums

Felipe Munoz – keyboards, backing vocals

Lauri Myllylä – bass, backing vocals 

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