Band : Caladmor

Album : The Ragnarök Sessions

Release Date : December 2014

Record Label : Self-released

Genre : Acoustic/folk


When it comes to folk/pagan metal bands, I have found the acoustic/unplugged albums always fascinating. All those guitar riffs, growls and those harsh elements are just stripped down to beautiful natural instruments and clean vocals, which show another side of the band… and that’s exactly what I felt while listening to Caladmor’s latest acoustic album “The Ragnarök Sessions”.

For those of you that do not know the band, Caladmor is a Swiss epic folk metal band formed in 2001. They have released 2 debut albums so far and this album is the first unplugged record of the band, The stories behind the songs and the melodies were what attracted me to the band and once again, I am captivated by this record as well!

“The Ragnarök Sessions” is loaded with soothing and magical acoustic songs from the world of folk/medieval music. As a matter of fact, when listening to the record, you will already recognize some of the songs such as “Herr Mannelig”or the cover of Gjallarhorn‘s “I riden sa”. In this aspect, I liked that the band covered the popular folk songs in their own unique way. Especially, it was really surprising to see Maede’s clean vocals (listen to “The rare old times”)  in an acoustic album; surely the classic albums of the band did also feature Maede’s clean vocals but combined with the acoustic elements, it surely was an interesting aspect. The major highlight of the album is Babs’ vocals though; she performed an amazing job this time as well and added another touch to the songs.

Musically, the album features the folk instruments such as the bodhran and the whistles – the band even learned to play some of the instruments for this album, which is just amazing in my opinion :D- and I found the album well-produced and really clean for an unplugged record. The album generally has a slow rhythm as well ; the only relatively ‘fast’song is probably “The rare old times”. In this sense, the album is just perfect if you wanna chill and just have a glass of wine (or met :D). Personally, my favorite from the album is “I riden sa”; it’s such an amazing cover!

If you enjoy the old folk songs from the medieval times, “The Ragnarök Sessions” is your answer. Magical, soothing but entertaining as well.. You gotta love it!

Rating: 9/10


  1. Krummavisur
  2. John Barleycorn
  3. Under der linden
  4. Herr Mannelig
  5. I riden sa
  6. Neckens Polska
  7. The star of a county down
  8. The rare old times
  9. The Boatman


Babs – Vocals
Maede – Drums, Growls, Clean Voice, Synths
Nick – Guitar
Mäsi – Guitar
Mäcka – Bass

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