Artist : Liv Kristine

Album : Vervain

Genre : Symphonic/gothic/metal

Release Date :24.10.2014

Record Label : Napalm Records


There are a few female vocalists that I truly respect in today’s music industry and Liv Kristine is one of them. Some of you may know her from Theatre of Tragedy,  Leaves’ Eyes or from her solo work – since 1998- but let’s not forget that she has collaborated with many artists. Considering all of this, with her velvet voice and her confident attitude on stage, Liv Kristine is definitely not only ‘pretty’ but also very talented.

As a huge fan of Leaves’ Eyes, I gotta admit that I never truly paid attention to her solo work; I wasn’t a big fan of her previous record “Libertine” (2012) for example. But as soon as her latest record,  “Vervain” has been released, I decided to give it a listen and it was totally beyond my expectations!

“Vervain”, for metal lovers like me, is full of interesting elements from different genres. In this sense, “Vervain” is not a typical ‘female vocalist’ album but the listener will find elements from gothic music, symphonic metal and even pop/electro. Combine this with Liv’s magical voice and there you have the highlight of the album. Overall, the album is quite dynamic; it starts quite “metallish” and gets a bit slower towards the end but never loses its essence and this should be appreciated. “Vervain” is an album that is easy and smooth to listen from beginning to the end.

Musically, as mentioned above, the album offers a wide range of genres. Songs like “My Wilderness” and “Love Decay” contain the dark and gothic elements which will entertain the symphonic/gothic metal lovers for sure. Especially, “Love Decay” mesmerized me because the combination of Liv Kristine’s voice with Michelle Darkness(END OF GREEN) deep voice  adds a perfect dimension to the album. I cannot say the same for “Stronghold of Angels” (feat. Doro Pesch) though; I really respect Doro but I think that a song like “Love Decay” fit better to the album as a whole than “Stronghold of Angels”. For the lovers of 80s pop/electro, songs like “Hunters” and “Elucidation” will satisfy their cravings; as a matter of fact, the listeners will recognize just how amazing Liv’s voice is in “Hunters” and I can definitely say it’s my favorite song along with “Love Decay”. On the other hand, with “Lotus”, we see the romantic side of the album; the combination of piano and Liv’s voice is truly magical.

“Vervain” is dynamic but soothing. I am sure everyone will find his/her favorite song; it’s musically really good. I personally loved the first half of the album since it’s more metallish and diverse but overall, I can say that the album is really successful and definitely one of the best of 2014!

Rating: 9/10

VERVAIN tracklisting:

  1. My Wilderness
  2. Love Decay (feat. Michelle Darkness)
  3. Vervain
  4. Stronghold of Angels (feat. Doro Pesch)
  5. Hunters
  6. Lotus
  7. Elucidation
  8. Two and a Heart
  9. Creeper
  10. Oblivious

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