Band : Nachtblut

Album : Chimonas

Genre : Dark metal

Release Date : 17.10.2014

Record Label : Napalm Records


Nachtblut is a dark metal band from Germany. Founded in 2005, the band’s style can best be described as black metal with melodic elements. Thus, the genre “dark metal” would be the best description for these German metallers. The themes of their songs are also interesting; the band’s songs (which are in German) are mainly about social problems and politics.

The band has released 4 albums in total; the last album “Chimonas” was released on October 2014 and as a fan of the darkness of the metal itself, I decided to give this album a chance 😀

The first thing that catches my attention is the mix of different genres throughout the album.It’s clear from the first song “Gotteskrieger”; Nachtblut manages to give the listeners the blend of gothic/industrial, black and even death metal which should be appreciated! However, “dark” metal would describe their style the best; there is a dark atmosphere within the album which reflects the character of the band and the overall vibe of the songs.

Speaking of the mix of the genres, I have to say I liked the black/death metal aspect of the band more than the gothic elements they used. The use of black/death elements can be heard in the songs “Gotteskrieger”, “Schwarz” and “Wien 1683” and they seem to be my favorites as well! I really liked the aggression of the vocals mixed with the riffs and the orchestrations. “Wien 1683” especially stands out since there’s a historical background to the song and it’s a typical ‘war’ song filled with power. The orchestrations/symphonic elements in these songs also add another dimension to the album, making it much more interesting.

In contrast to the powerful and aggressive black/death metal approach, the songs “Wie Gott sein” and “Kalt wie ein Grab” reflect the gothic/symponic/industrial side of the band. However, as I mentioned before, these songs  somehow seemed weaker to me when I listened to them. Gothic/dark elements are quite hard to use and I found that the band used the ‘cliche’ gothic elements in these songs, making them less interesting even though the overall vibe of these songs are really catchy. So in this sense, I think the band is better and stronger without the gothic aspect being used; those raw vocals and aggressive riffs are definitely more impressive when the band has more of a ‘raw’ approach to the songs.

“Chimonas” is recommended for everyone who likes the symphonic but the dark and aggressive side of metal. It might not be the best record of this year but it surely has some interesting  elements. Personally, I liked the first half of the album a lot better; it’s definitely more captivating and it reflects the true character of Nachtblut than the second half. I liked the black/dark side of the band a lot better but who knows? Maybe the gothic/symphonic metal fans will like the other side of the band a lot better! 🙂

Rating : 7/10


  1. Gotteskrieger
  2. Wien 1683
  3. Wie Gott sein
  4. Kalt wie ein Grab
  5. Und immer wenn die Nacht anbricht
  6. Schwarz
  7. Dort wo die Krähen im Kreise fliegen
  8. Märchen
  9. Töte mich
  10. Chimonas


Askeroth – Vocals
Trym – E-Bass
Skoll – Drums
Lymania – Keyboard
Greif – Guitar


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