New discovery for me! I love the darkness in the song! It’s like a mixture of black metal and industrial 🙂

Heathen Harvest

The lyrics to ‘Cain’ by the Belgian martial/neo-folk/industrial Weihan were inspired by the Biblical legend of Cain and Abel. The lyrical theme presents the clash between the Neolithic sedentary and pre-Neolithic nomadic man; the latter failing to take his fate in his own hands and submitting to “God”.

“Cain” is taken from the new Weihan album “Blóðslitinn á Steininum“, which roughly means “the colour of blood on stone“, a reference to ancient Germanic sacrificial rites. Weihan put out two records in the past decade; “Galder” (2004) and “Symphonies of Divination” (2007) and appeared on several compilation and tribute albums. “Blóðslitinn á Steininum” was released by the German label Lichterklang in both a regular and a limited edition.


From the label:

Stronger than ever before and seven years after their last album, Weihan return with their impressive new album „Blóðslitinn á Steininum“. While the…

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