Date : 31.10.2014

Bands : She Past Away (TR), Golden Apes (DE)

Location : Schlachthof Bremen


What’s better than Halloween/Samhain? A Halloween full of darkwave/gothic music of course! 😀

This Halloween, Turkish darkwave band She Past Away were to play at Schlachthof Bremen. The support act were the German dark/gothic rock band Golden Apes. Even before the show, the crowd gathered in front of the venue to wait for the bands to play; it was surely obvious that it was gonna be a crowded evening. The venue was decorated quite well which fit to the Halloween concept; little dolls were hung on the ceiling and the eerie atmosphere was created quite well.


Golden Apes started the set with “doomy” and “gothic-like” synths and so the Halloween started. The dark vibe that the band created was what kept me hooked on their live show. All in all, we are not talking about a newcomer band; Golden Apes has been around since 1998 and they have released 7 studio albums so far. In this sense, the impression they have left on the stage was not just “darkwave/gothic” like; throughout the show, I felt that I was hearing a harmony of different genres, from alternative/indie to gothic/darkwave or even hard rock;  the band managed to warm up the crowd in this magical night although most of the people in the venue were waiting for She Past Away and there wasn’t so much movement in the audience.

Another great higlight of the show – apart from the beautiful and magical synths- was the bass guitar played by Christian Lebrecht ; I think that the band used that aspect very well in their live show. I think that the bass guitar can be quite important and astonishing in the genre of darkwave/gothic/doom (Type O Negative/Sisters of Mercy, anyone?). My favorite songs of the night were “Happy Losers” and “Archers”.


What can be said about She Past Away? Anyone who is craving for 80s retro elements and darkwave music knows this Turkish band of course. As soon as they were on stage, the audience (which was more crowded than before) clapped along and started dancing. It was amazing to see how these 2 guys can take over the whole stage; they have got this charismatic and cool attitude but yet so much energy in their songs that it’s hard not to dance.

The band started the set with “Belirdi Gece” (The Night Emerged) from the album with the same name, released in 2012. What was great about their stage show was the dark and dynamic aura that they created; vocalist Volkan Caner’s deep vocals added that ‘dark’ vibe to the music whereas bassist İdris Akbulut’s bass added a great dimension to the music. I also loved the fact that the band sometimes changed the songs while keeping the essence; the songs they played live did not exactly sound like the album version but much more unique and ‘atmospheric’. I gotta say that I did not see many bands do this but She Past Away definitely proved how authentic they are in this sense. It’s no wonder how successful and adored they are in many countries worldwide.

Some of the highlights of the show – apart from everyone sweating and the venue getting warmer and warmer :D- were the songs “Sanrı”, “Monoton” and “Kasvetli Kutlama” (which was definitely everyone’s favorite I guess). Apart from that, the band also played the For Against cover “Fate” and Suspiria cover “Allegedly, Dancefloor Tragedy” . The audience loved the show so much that the band had to come to the stage 2 times after ending the show. For the last time then, they ended the show with “Ritüel” (which they played for the 2nd time!). She Past Away was simply just amazing, no words needed for that! 😀

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