Band : Nothgard

Album : Age of Pandora 

Genre : Epic melodic death metal

Release Date : 12.09.2014

Record Label : Trollzorn Records


Nothgard is a German epic metal band. Formed in 2008, the band’s style can be described as a mixture of death/epic metal with influences from folk and pagan metal.

The band’s first debut album “Warhorns of Midgard” was released in 2011 and shortly after that, the band has toured with bands like Gernotshagen, Northland and Skyforger. In 2012, Skaahl (Wolfchant) joined the band as the 3rd e-guitarist and the line-up is now stronger than ever. The band released their latest album “Age of Pandora” on September.

Age of Pandora greets us with the energetic beginning that resembles the soundtrack music of “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Seriously! When I first listened to the intro, I got the impression that an album full of orchestrations and epic metal is awaiting us and I wasn’t wrong.

What’s great about this record is (as mentioned) the perfect harmony of the orchestrations and the epicness of metal music. So far, the only band that could pull that off has been Wintersun but with Nothgard, the direction of this harmony is quite different and also unique; the harmony of the orchestrations and the epic metal make this record just dynamic and “fun”; with “dynamic”, I really mean it! With the intro, the energy is built and from the second song “Age of Pandora”, the energy in the music just explodes. This aspect clearly shows that Nothgard has improved with this album. I cannot say that they have matured completely in a musical aspect since there are still influences from some legendary folk/epic metal bands but I am sure they will musically evolve with the next albums.

Musically, it’s worth mentioning that the production is really successful. Normally, with metal albums full of orchestrations, the production can be a bit ‘over the place’ or even ‘messy’ but the band managed to give us an aggressive and a ‘raw’ record with a clean production.  The rawness of this album surely can be heard within the vocals; I found the vocals really strong and confident which is one of the highlights of this album.

Another interesting aspect is the combination of e-guitars; as the Nothgard fans know, the line-up consists of 3 e-guitars. As much as I enjoyed the riffs and solos in the album, I think that the band would be just fine with 2 e-guitarists. I felt that the band sometimes overdid it musically with the 3 e-guitars but that’s just my opinion; I am sure people who are looking for many riffs and solos would be pleased to hear the mixture of double-leads and the rhythm guitars in this album. This also does not mean that e-guitars killed it; as a matter of the fact, the highlight of this album – along with the vocals- are the e-guitars of course. Not convinced? Listen to “Obey the King” or “Mossback Children” and you will know what I mean! 😀 Personally, my favorite is “Black Witch Venture” though.

If you are looking for epic musical orgasm filled with e-guitars, stories and melodies, then “Age of Pandora” is your answer. It’s like a roller coaster ride from the beginning until the end!

Rating: 8/10


  1. Of Light And Shadow
  2. Age Of Pandora
  3. Blackened Seed
  4. Black Witch Venture
  5. In Blood Remained
  6. Anima
  7. Obey The King
  8. Wings Of Dawn
  9. Mossback Children
  10. No One Holds The Crown


Dom R. Crey – Vocals / Lead-Guitar
Vik S. – Bass
Daniel K. – Lead / Rhythm-Guitar
D. Ziegler – Drums
Skaahl – Rhythm-Guitar


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