Band : Scissorjack

Album : Be The Wolf

Genre : Heavy metal/ Hard rock

Release Date : 20.08.2014

Record Label : Self – released



Barreling down the heated South Texas asphalt like a souped -up ‘68 Charger comes San Antonio’s Scissorjack.  The band has been honing its unique brand of southern melodic heavy rock for over 2 years.  The original idea and music of Scissorjack are the brain child of guitarist Jake Lewis along with the help of longtime music comrade bassist Richard Perez.

Originally the concept was to get together and play heavy down tuned doomy riff rock like some of their heroes Black Sabbath, Down, and Clutch just to name a few.  Music was then written and it wasn’t long before they found other members to round out the lineup.  Their first EP entitled “The Scissorjack EP “ was released in the summer of 2012.  Although just a blueprint to what was to come,  the EP did take notice by being featured on heavy rock blogs and webpages.  The band spent the rest of the year playing shows in and around the San Antonio area.

After a few lineup changes, Scissorjack was ready to step into the next phase of the project with drummer Drew Odell and vocalist Edward Gonzalez.  The band now has broadened the sound of the music all while keeping the original vision and template.  Never wanting to sound like a one trick pony, the members of Scissorjack are bringing in even more of their early influences like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Life of Agony, and more.

It’s been a while since I listened to a groovy heavy metal album. As soon as I got the album from Scissorjack, I was a bit surprised and excited! Surely, the band might not be known but the album definitely caught my attention from the first song “Haunt Me”. From the beginning, the album is full with doomy – not on an emotional but on a musical level- and groovy heavy metal riffs. The second song “Be The Wolf”, which happens to be my favorite as well, is no exception either. Especially in these two tracks, the listeners will also get to see the great potential and that true “heavy-metal” vibe in the vocals. What attracted me the most in “Be The Wolf” is the bass guitar though; that’s when I felt that true hard rock atmosphere! 😀

Soundwise, the album is filled with great heavy metal riffs that will make you dig the album a lot more! With each song, the listener will encounter the harmony of the e-guitar riffs/solos, the bass and the vocals of course. In this sense, the album is not repetitive and quite catchy. The production of the album is also quite successful. The only element that needs improvement are the vocals; in the second half of the album, I did not feel the soul and the potential in the vocals as with the first half. It was as if the full energy in the first song kind-of faded away towards the end of the album. Nevertheless, “Be The Wolf” is a great album to listen to live in a rock bar with beer in hand! 😉 It definitely shows the potential of the band and I am sure they will keep on improving and rocking with the upcoming albums!

Rating : 7,5 / 10


  1. Haunt Me
  2. Darkest Days
  3. Godzilla vs. Everyone
  4. Damage
  5. Our Doom
  6. Blame


Jake Lewis- Guitars
Richard Perez – Bass
Drew Odell- Drums
Eddie Gonzalez – Vocals

Links :

Scissorjack Bandcamp

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