Band : Crimson Hill

Album : Denied

Release Date : 2014

Genre : Melodic death metal

Record Label : Self-released


Crimson Hill is a melodic death metal band from Turkey. Formed in 2011 by Ahmet Aydemir and Hasan Hüseyin Uçma, the band released their first song “Wings of Death” in 2012 and shortly after the release, the band shot a video to their other song “Broken Mirrors”. These two releases surely made the band quite known in the death metal scene in Turkey.

In 2013, the band started the recording process for their debut album, “Denied”. During the recording process, the bass guitarist Umut Batuhan Kızıltepe parted ways with the band and he was replaced by Gürkan Yücel. With the final line-up, the band released “Denied” earlier this year.

Normally when it comes to death metal bands, I am always a bit skeptic since the genre itself is a bit broad and sometimes too repetitive. However, my first impressions (and my opinions after listening to this record a few times) is definitely positive! “Denied” is not a dull and repetitive death metal record but it is full of interesting and catchy riffs. In this sense, the fans of ‘classic’ death metal will enjoy this record a lot mainly because of the record being quite technical. Surely, a death metal record has to be aggressive and “Denied” is no exception; the aggression/hatred is reflected through the impressive guitar riffs, vocals and the blasting drums!  I also couldn’t help but notice that in some songs like “Truth Within” and “Message To Continue”,  there are some eastern/Turkish melodies in the riffs; I think this made Crimson Hill quite unique and the songs interesting!

Musically, “Denied” is a well-produced album considering that it’s self-released. It’s not too raw but it’s not too ‘clean’ either. The highlight of this record is definitely the e-guitars which also form the essence. Each song has its own character – either through the guitar riffs or melodic guitar solos. I would have liked to hear more bass guitar in this record but since the band had a line—up change during the recording phase, it would be maybe a bit too much to expect perfection from the beginning 😀 Another element that needs improvement is the vocals; although the emotions reflected through the vocals are aggressive and form the other essence of the album, I sometimes found them too ‘raw’ for this record. Nevertheless, these are just little imperfections in a successful death-metal record. My personal favorites are definitely “Blind With Hatred” and “Twisted Fate”.

“Denied” is aggressive and melodic and quite unique! It will be surely a favorite for death-metal fans! I cannot wait to see what the band will come up with the next record! Well done!

Rating : 8/10

Tracklisting :

  1. Truth Within
  2. White Turns to Black
  3. Message To Continue
  4. Blind With Hatred
  5. Twisted Fate
  6. My Bloody Lover
  7. Broken Mirrors
  8. Wings of Death
  9. Salvation


Mete Aker – vocals

Can Ersalıcı – guitar

Ahmet Aydemir – guitar

Gürkan Yücel – bass guitar

Hasan H. Uçma – drums

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