You might have been wondering what happened to the Swedish death metallers Bloodbath… Well, they are back with a brand new album! 😀


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Bloodbath’s upcoming album “Grand Morbid Funeral” will be the band’s first album after the departure of Mikael Akerfeldt, the former vocalist. For those of you wondering who the new singer is, Metal Hammer will reveal the new singer on September 17.

So how will the new album be like? “Grand Morbid Funeral” is the band’s fourth full-length studio album and comes on the back of 2008’s The Fathomless Mastery and guitarist Anders ‘Blakkheim’ Nystrom says fans can expect “destructive, raw, heavy, organic and sludgy death metal.”

He says: “We’re proud of all these different styled releases and we loved doing each and every one of them, but the objective was never to settle with a certain style, so our time has come to shift once more.

“It was already decided right after the last album that the next record would not become The Fathomless Mastery part two, but in certain aspects it would actually become its antithesis.

“So prepare for an ultimate blueprint of destructive, raw, heavy, organic, and sludgy death metal.”

The band are due to appear at several festivals in 2015, including Inferno in Norway and the Maryland Deathfest in the US.

The album’s tracklist will be issued closer to launch.

Let’s wait and see! I am sure it will be awesome!