Band : Vintersorg

Album : Naturbål

Release Date : 27-06-2014

Genre : Melodic black metal

Record Label : Napalm Records




Vintersorg is a Swedish metal band . Formed in 1994 by , the band had mainly the black metal approach in the beginning  but over the years, this approach evolved into folk/progressive metal so with the change/mixture of different musical styles, Vintersorg’s music has always been unique in the metal scene. Surely, different styles also mean that with each album, the listener faces many surprises! 😀

The band has released 9 studio albums so far. However the last three albums are quite different; the albums Jordpuls (2011), Orkan (2012) and the latest album Naturbål (2014) are all connected to each other. All these three albums symbolize the 3 elements (earth, air and the fire) so the latest album “Naturbal” is the continuation of the past two albums.

Album Review

The first element that catches my attention is definitely the ‘melodic’ part of the album. While listening to Naturbål , you will hear the mixture of melodic metal through orchestrations in the background that totally reflect the whole Scandinavian vibe that the band creates. Add the clean vocals sung by Mr. V and you will have a musical feast mixed with folk-ish melodies. This apprach also makes the songs quite catchy and will make the listener go through a journey in the element of ‘fire’. Let’s not forget the black metal approach though; songs like “Lagornas rov” and “Elddraken” reflect the ‘raw’ side of the band, which make the album a bit darker so I can say that the ‘raw/black-metal’ and the ‘melodic’ side of the album create a beautiful contrast. The same can also be said about the combination of ‘raw’ harsh vocals and the clean vocals or even male and female vocals.

As a person who likes the mixture of different elements in an album, I really enjoyed listening to Naturbål. I must also mention that the vibe that the album gives off does indeed symbolize the element of fire; the album has a dynamic and ever-changing approach and this will surely attract the listeners. Although I liked the contrasts within the album, I enjoyed the songs in which raw vocals were featured more; I  found the clean vocals too ‘catchy’ for this album. One thing that also caught my attention is the fact that the first half of the album is much more captivating and colorful than the second half. Nevertheless, I am sure that everybody will enjoy listening to this album; especially if you love a bit of everything! My favorite from the album is “Överallt och ingestans” ; I fell in love with the melody in the beginning and listening to this song still send shivers down my spine!

Naturbål is energetic, dynamic and melodic! Give it a shot!

Review : 7/10

Naturbål Tracklisting :

  1. Ur aska och sot
  2. Överallt och ingestans
  3. En blixt fran klar himmel
  4. Lagornas rov
  5. Rymdens brinnande öar
  6. Natten visste vad skymningen sag
  7. Elddraken
  8. Urdarmane
  9. Sjal i flamma

Vintersorg is :

Mr. V – Vocals, Guitars (acoustic, lead, rhythm), Bass, Keyboards, Programming 

Mattias Marklund – Guitars (lead), Guitars (rhythm)

Guest musician :

Helena Sofia Lindman – female vocals

Links :

Vintersorg Facebook