Well..  on 24th of May 2014, there was Metal Summer Festival, which hosted some bands like Fallen, Kırmızı, Mezarkabul ( Pentagram ), Arch Enemy and Manowar. I was so excited to see Manowar after 4 years ( my last time was  in 2010 at  Sonisphere İstanbul ) but this time,  it turned out to be the worst concert of my life.

The sound system was so awful and sound technicians were also terrible. At first two bands,  it was OK but possibly it was because of the fact that those were the  first hours of the event and people really didn’t care about the warm uppers. Fallen was ok, I was late to concert a bit due to traffic but it’s OK right? 😀

Then Kırmızı took stage ( A band which consisted of only female members,which is a little bit rare thing here in Turkey ). Personally their own songs are not my type. Lyrics mostly sounded like “I hate all male creatures.” “Don’t say goodbye.” “Stupid, asshole males.” to me.  Anyway,  the songs they covered were pretty good;  they played Overkill‘s “Necroshine” and I screamed my ass off!
After these two bands,  Mezarkabul took stage. After Murat İlkan departured the band due to his medical conditions, their new vocal Gökalp Ergen ( ex- The Climb, which was an awesome band ) is pretty much a big disappointment for me. His performance on old songs were really bad, yet his breath cannot take him to the end of any song he sang, even the songs he composed after he joined  the band. But all of these aside, the sound was so low and even though I was close to the stage,  I could figure it out and people were like “What the hell?“.


Photo: Caner Güneri

When Arch Enemy took stage, I was so excited to see the new vocalist live, Alissa White-Gluz with them but again a new disappointment occured. But this time it was not also the band but the sound system. The sound was so low, it was so low that the crowd lost their interest in the band’s performance but started to boo and curse the sound technicians. Afterwards people started throwing things to the sound technicians where they do their mojo. At a moment, everyone started to protest and sit down during the concert. Then they opened up the volume a bit but it wasn’t enough. Personally I didn’t understand the band’s performance at all. Well, they also left the stage early. I can’t even write a full set list here due to the fact that I have no idea what they played at some point because I didn’t even hear them.


And then Manowar here on stage at last. Before they took stage, we heard from a couple of organizers that the sound technicians were Manowar’s crew and they didn’t let warm up and support bands to sound equal with them. But there is no official statement released and I can only say these were rumours. Well, if this is true, shame on Manowar. It was the worst coward move ever a band did, seriously.
If we talk about their performance it wasn’t even close to a good performance, yet I can clearly say that it was really really bad. During the first three songs, there were a lot of synchronization problems. Furthermore,  the sound on guitars were on and off during the concert like when you try to plug your headphones to mp4 player yet you couldn’t push enough and it sounds like a little bit horrible or on and off sometime to time, it was like that.  The sound was high but still they couldn’t fit the instruments each other. Like guitars were lost behind the drums and I was nearly dead after hearing so much sub bass. During the concert there were a lot of video shows between some songs. The sixth song was Blood of the King and it was the song that I joined the concert at last. The video before the song made me so excited, I screamed like hell. Well you can guess it = ) it was The Warrior’s Prayer!

Manowar concert had ups and downs during the performance. At some point Joey Demaio played a solo performace and personally it was so bad that I wanted to kill myself after it. It sounded so horrible. People made the same expressions with me ” What the fuck was that?”. Well,  after this concert I can only say they were OK. Classically they came back one more time again but made it look like they came on stage two times during the performance. However, I told to myself “please, one time is enough, just end this terrible performance right now.”

Well the best thing happened in concert was Demaio’s 10 minute-long Turkish speech. He also expressed his condolences to the crowd regarding the mine accident at Soma, Manisa, where 300 people lost their lives tragically.

By the way between the concerts, Timur Akkurt was going the be the DJ but Manowar crew didn’t let him perform. He also confirmed that they only let other bands perform 25 decibel lower than Manowar. He made his statement to us after the concert (Well we were all drunk and chatted by coincidence )

In conclusion Metal Summer Festival was quite bad. An investment to music that had been wasted in mist.

Here are the setlists of last 3 bands;

Mezarkabul aka Pentagram

1- Intro/1000 in The Eastland
2- Ölümlü
3- Unspoken
4- Wasteland
5- Geçmişin Yükü
6- Şeytan Bunun Neresinde
7- Give me Something to Kill the Pain
8- Beyond Insanity
9- Gündüz Gece
10- Lions in the Cage
11- Tigris
12- Bir
13- For Those Who Died Alone aka ftwda (Closure after performance)

Arch Enemy ( Well if I heard it right it was something like this )

1- Enemy Within

2- War Eternal

3- Ravenous

4- My Apocalypse

5- Dead Eyes See No Future

6- As the Pages Burn

7- No Gods No Masters

8- Nemesis


1- Intro/Manowar
2- Blood of my Enemies
3- Sign of the Hammer
4- The Lord of Steel
5- The Dawn of Battle
6- The Warrior’s Prayer ( Fallen Brothers video – a memory of the lost brothers )
7- Blood of the Kings
8- Kingdom Come
9- Heart of Steel ( Before the song a video )
10- bass solo-Sting of the Bumbelee
11- Wheels of Fire
12- Hail and Kill
13- Kings of Metal
14- Warriors of the World United ( Before the song Joey Demaio speech )
15- Black Wind Fire and Steel
16- The Crown and the Ring ( Closure )