Band : Dust Bolt

Album : Awake The Riot

Release Date : 30.05.2014

Record Label : Napalm Records

Genre : Thrash metal



Dust Bolt is a German thrash metal band formed at Munich in 2006 under a different name and they were playing punk songs at first. After a short period they changed their name to Dust Bolt and became a thrash metal band. Band members are; Bene M. ( Bass and Backing Vocals ), Nico R. (Drums), Flo D. (Guitars) and Lenny B. (Vocals, Guitars).  These days, they started to be more promising in thrash metal arena. After the release of  “Violent Demolition” in  2012, they shared the stage with so many bands like Obituary and Hypocrisy and now they are about to release their second studio album “Awake the Riot” in 30th of May this year. Lets see what does the German muscles prepared for us.

Dust-Bold-Logo-big weiss

The album contains 12 songs and starts with “Living Hell”. When you start listening to this album, be sure that you’ll hear familiar tones. Like this first song “Necronomicon” came through my mind. In this album you can feed with Heavy Metal, Speed Metal and Thrash Metal all together. Personally this album shows how a thrash metal album should be. At first I thought they will stick to the same rythms the whole album like most of the thrash bands these days and bore me to death but nope, they didn’t. After 3 songs they switched the whole concept. And after another 3 songs another change in the drums and another 3 guitars. You can divide this album in groups all includes their own feelings. Tempo is all different in these groups and personally this makes the album sound like Bay Area thrashers which I missed the most. But still there is one thing I’m asking from all thrash metal bands; guys please stop making songs about thrash metal or a song contains thrash in its name ( 5th song “Agent Thrash” ). It started to become a lame act for thrash arena. The last song “Future Shock” which is an Evil Dead cover also proves me by the changes of concepts and rythms. Cool choice for the closure of the album. Also if you are a little patient there is another surprise awaiting for you. Anyway, my favorite songs of this album are “Living Hell” , “Awake the Riot – The Final War”, “Drowned in Blind Faith” and on top of all those “The Monotonus Distant Scream”.

Well in the end it all comes to great riffs and awesome vocal combinations,  what makes this album really good. I can’t say the same thing about the drummer but he managed to prove me wrong by changing the rythms in songs. Cool stuff to listen. Not totally screaming “Shut up and take my money!” but it’s definitely a good investment for your ears.


“Awake the Riot”   Tracklisting

1) Living Hell

2) Soul Erazor

3) Beneath the Earth

4) You Lost Sight

5) Agent Thrash

6) Living a Lie

7) Awake the Riot – The Final War

8) Eternal Waste

9) Drowned in Blind Faith

10) Worlds Built to Deceive

11) The Monotonous – Distant Scream

12) Future Shock ( Evil Dead Cover )

Dust Bolt is :

Lenny B.  – Vocals /Guitar
Flo D. – Guitar
Bene M. – Bass
Nico R. – Drums

More info :

Dust Bolt Facebook


Here are some tour dates if you like to listen them live;

16.05.14 CH - Alt St. Johann / Rock the hell Festival
28.05.14 DE - Hamburg / Marx
29.05.14 DE - Berlin / Cassaiopaia
30.05.14 DE - Leipzig / Bandhaus
31.05.14 DE - Geisewind / Out and loud Festival
06.06.14 DE - München / Raw Release PArty (No Show)
14.06.14 DE - Balingen / Sonnenkeller
20.06.14 DE - Regensburg / Alte Mälzerei
11.07.14 DE - München / Backstage (with Obituary)
19.07.14 DE - Ahlimbsmühle / Headache inside Festival
26.07.14 DE - Borkovany / Woodstock Festival
08.08.14 DE - Chemnitz-Mittelbach / Rock im Betonwerk
05.09.14 DE - Dülmen / Alte Spinnerei 
06.09.14 DE - Kleinwenkheim / Bonebreaker Festival
19.09.14 DE - Wiesau /  Stormcrusher Festival
15.11.14 AT - Liebenfels / Hellfeier
28.11.14 AT - Linz / Ann & Pat Thrasher Alliance