Band : No Mans Land

Album : The Last Monolith

Release Date : 30.01.2014

Record Label : Mother Fuzzer Records

Genre : Doom/stoner metal

NML Cover

No Mans Land is a doom metal band from Ireland. Hailing from Limerick, the band formed by four friends in 2011, they constantly played live and were included in different instalments of The Siege Of Limerick, which is one of the biggest metal festivals in Ireland. After different line-up changes, the band has now settled down and recorded their first EP, “The Last Monolith” . They chose Ciaran Culhane (Shardborne,Bad Reputation Ireland) as a producer and recording engineer.
As soon as the chance of reviewing this album arose, I was quite excited; I am normally not familiar with the genre of doom/stoner metal but that doomy and the darkness in doom metal records always fascinate me and I knew that the latest record , “The Last Monolith” would be interesting to listen to as well.

This short but dark EP welcomes us with the intro that reminds me of those old eerie movies; as soon as the song starts, the listener will be immediately drawn into the record; there’s something eerie about those organs and the combination of symphonic melodies and riffs. The intro also seemed more like a transition song to me; it felt like this album continued from where it left off; it seems like there is a story behind and it, which I found really unique.

With the tracks “Hawks & Vultures” and “Kingdom’s End” , the vocals are more in the foreground. The vocals, which are distorted create a good harmony with the riffs and the overall mood of the song. I also love the endings in both of the songs ; after slow beats and doom-y guitar riffs, the songs reach to a peak towards the end, which shows the potential and the diversity that the band can create.
The last song “ Behind the Mask” is a beautiful instrumental song; probably my favorite from the EP. The bass can be heard more clearly in this song and the band manages to create the great ending with fast riffs. It gave me an impression that the end was linked to the beginning somehow which creates a loop and makes the album even more smooth and more of an earcandy.
“The Last Monolith”  is surely a must-have. What I loved the most was the melodic/instrumental approach of the band; this approach created more of a ‘soundtrack’ vibe. There’s definitely potential in these doom metallers and their first EP was not enough; hopefully, the band will record a much longer album that would satisfy our need!

Rating : 8/10

“The Last Monolith” Tracklisting :

01. Last Monolith

02. Hawks & Vultures

03. Kingdom’s End

04. Behind The Mask



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