Band : Toxic Waltz

Album : Decades of Pain

Release Date : 23.01.2014

Record Label : Self – released

Genre :  Thrash metal

Toxic Waltz is a German metal band formed by the lead guitarist Jimi and the former drummer Tim in 2009. The band’s diverse songwriting and aggressive music style, which can be defined as thrash metal, earned the band bigger audiences and with the rising success, the band played live shows with bands such as Debauchery and Six Feet Under.

Toxic Waltz recently released their first debut album called Decades of Pain and the band caught my attention. Moreover I was curious about the potential of this young band.

Album Review

What caught my attention from the first second was the melodic intro that led way to full-on, thrash-y songs. The passion and rage in the songs never stop for a second in the whole album and this is what makes Decades of Pain a good record when it comes to a thrash metal album. Soundwise, the record is really smooth; the vocals sung by Angelo are really fierce whereas the guitar riffs and the drumbeats played by Jimi, Alex and Flo are in full harmony. Although I would have loved more guitar solos in the album, I have to say it’s not bad considering that it’s the first record of these German thrash metallers. The listener will truly see that the band made a great effort for this album; this is not an album recorded ‘just for the sake of it’ but the band really poured their anger and their heart into every song. Personally, I prefer the first half of the album as it truly reflected the band’s style quite well.

Decades of Pain will attract every listener who loves thrash metal. However, I should mention that although the album shows the good potential of the band, it lacked originality. When it comes to thrash metal, being original and ‘different’ from others are the important elements to become more known and I kinda feel that Toxic Waltz has a long way to go. “Decades of Pain” is a good record for a start and I am sure the band will keep improving their sound in the future and attract bigger audiences. “Decades of Pain” might be an average record but it sure is hell of a good start for Toxic Waltz.

Rating: 7/10

DECADES OF PAIN Tracklisting:

  1. Intro
  2. Decades of Pain
  3. World of Hate
  4. Toxic Hell
  5. Suicide Squad
  6. Green
  7. Morbid Symphony
  8. Priest of Lie
  9. Obsession To Kill

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