ARKONA is back!

The Russian pagan/folk metallers will release their upcoming album on April 2014. The upcoming album will be titled “Yav” and will feature 9 songs. Check out the tracklisting below :

Yav –  Track Listing: 


1. Zarozhdenie
2. Na strazhe novyh let
3. Serbia
4. Zov pustyh dereven’
5. Gorod snov
6. Ved’ma
7. Chado indigo
8. Jav’
9. V ob’jat’jah kramoly


The artwork for the new ARKONA album “Yav” is made by Gyula Havancsák

The band also released a teaser from “Na strazhe novyh let” via soundcloud :

Yav – Release Dates:


25.04.2014 GAS
28.04.2014 FR
30.04.2014 ESP/SWE/NOR
02.05.2014 FIN & BENELUX
05.05.2014 UK/Rest of Europe
06.05.2014 USA/CAN