Band : Irij

Album : Same Zgode…

Release Date : 27.01.2014

Record Label : Self – released

Genre : Electronic/folk/rock/traditional

I have always admired the musicians of the folk metal world and Meri Tadic, the former violinist of Eluveitie, is one of them. With her humble attitude and amazing skills at violin, she has been one of my favorites. Although the news of her leaving Eluveitie kinda disappointed me, I was more excited about another thing; Irij!

For those who don’t know, Irij is the solo project of Meri Tadic. Formed in 2006, this one-woman solo project combines traditional elements and the Croatian music with a touch of electronic and rock. After having released one EP on 2009 , Irij is now back – stronger than ever- with the latest album Same Zgode…, which was released on January 2014.

Album Review

If there is one word to describe this album from the start, it would be smooth. From the first song “Same Zgode..”, the warm and soft vocals combined with the power of violin will attract the listener for sure. I always think that the first impression in an album is quite important and Irij definitely catches the attention in this way; the first three songs of this album give an impression about how the album’s sound is. There is a mixture of everything; it’s not only violin but a little bit of everything – from vocals to bass and the guitars- and this is something I really liked in this record.

The album’s style and sound can be categorized into two; there are these beautiful, ethnic and sometimes even folk-ish songs like “Same Zgode..”, “Nevenko”,  “Irudica” and “A Farewell to Many” . These songs show us the authentic side of Irij. It’s also important to mention that some of these songs are in Croatian so the language makes it all more unique. Besides this approach, the album has an international side and this can be clearly felt in the songs “Shades of a Kingship” and “Nights from Jadera”, which is the only song with middle-eastern melodies. However, mostly the album consists of authentic and folk-ish melodies, all composed by Meri Tadic,  so I am sure it will be special and interesting for all the music lovers.

If I could choose any song which would summarize the album, it would be “Irudica”. I love the folkish side of this song as well as the female vocals along with a little guitar solo in the middle! “Irudice” shows how diverse this record is. Another song which stands out among the rest is “II” since it is the only song which had male vocals, sung by Joza Tadic. As much as female vocals fit the album perfectly, it was really interesting to see another ‘different element’ in a song.

Same Zgode.. is not an ordinary solo project; from the first song to the last song, this record is composed with pure dedication and devotion. With the overall happy atmosphere of the album, the listener will be introduced to a different side of ethnic music with a touch of electronic and rock. Besides all of that, I love how natural the overall sound is; surely there are lots of instruments used but this does not change the fact that all of the songs speak to the heart; every element of music and emotion can be heard and this is what makes this record so personal yet so universal. Furthermore, this is also another record for perfect meditation since I found it really spiritual in the sense that it soothes the soul and one can associate himself with the beauty of the nature through the music – especially with the violin.

For any music lover who is longing for something out of the ordinary, Same Zgode.. is the album. Natural, sweet, fun and authentic… Listen to it, you will love it for sure!

Rating : 9/10

SAME ZGODE… Tracklisting :

  1. Same Zgode…
  2. Nevenko
  3. I
  4. Shades of a Kingship
  5. koje se…
  6. Irudica
  7. II
  8. Nights From Jadera
  9. Izvir Voda
  10. ne mogu…
  11. Discipline of Fire
  12. A Farewell To Many
  13. dogoditi! (with a surprise at the end :D)

IRIJ is :

Meri Tadic: vocals, guitars, bass, violin, cello, piano, percussions, programming

Guest musicians :

Ivo Henzi : e – guitars

Linda Suter : vocals ” Shades of a Kingship”

Joza Tadic : vocals in “II”

Anna Murphy : vocals, bass, additional programming, audio mix, co-producing

Aðalbjörn Tryggvason

Chris Neary : bass, guitars


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