Band : Falkenbach

Album : Asa

Genre : Pagan metal

Release Date : 01.11.2013

Record Label : Prophecy Productions


Asa welcomes us with “Vaer Stjernar Vaerdan” which fits perfectly to the dark album cover. The first impression the song has left on me was that it’s more ‘acoustic’ compared to the previous records. Nevertheless, it still carries that typical Falkenbach sound. I have always liked the vocalist Vratyas Vakyas’ clean vocals and he didn’t disappoint me this time as well; the clean vocals fit perfectly to the atmospheric and dynamic background.

In contrary to the first song which had a calmer vibe, the songs “Wulfarweijd” and “Bronzen Embrace” are harsher and for the hardcore Falkenbach fans, they will surely be favorites; the melody that the e-guitar riffs leave on the listener are truly captivating and the atmospheric background in both songs form the true essence of that epic Falkenbach sound. As a matter of fact, “Bronzen Embrace” can be considered as one of the highlights of Asa; it truly reflects the ‘harsh’ and ‘brutal’ side of Falkenbach.

Another highlight of the album is definitely “Eweroun”, which is also the first single. Although this song has more of an ‘acoustic’ approach just like the first song, the vibe that it creates within the listener is just magical. “Eweroun” is probably the ‘softest’ song and some Falkenbach fans will even say it does not sound like Falkenbach at all but I think it truly reflects how diverse but unique the band can be and I think in “Eweroun”, the listener will see that the acoustic approach that Falkenbach has tried really fits the album’s character.

If “Eweroun” reflects the acoustic side of the band, “I Nattens Stilta” definitely reflects the ‘harsh’ Falkenbach that we know. I think that this song shows just how much this band has evolved during the years. The ‘darkness’ vibe of the song will fascinate the listener and the fact that there is a bit of black/pagan metal resemblance there truly makes this song unique.

Generally, I think this album can be considered as another masterpiece from Falkenbach. Although Asa is nothing like the previous Falkenbach albums, it will definitely please Falkenbach fans who want the harshness and the atmospheric melodies.

Musically, the listener will surely recognize that the album has 2 sides; the songs “Eweroun”, “Ufirstanan Folk” and “Bluot Fuer Bluot” reflect the acoustic side of the album whereas the songs “Bronzen Embrace”, “ Stikke Wound” and “I Nattens Stilta” reflect the ‘harsh’ and ‘dark’ side. I personally loved this approach of the band; the acoustic vibe fits perfectly to the whole concept of the album and the true Falkenbach essence is surely still there. The second part of the album caught my attention more since it was more dynamic and the perfect harmony of acoustic and the harshness could be heard better.

I recommend Asa to every Viking/pagan/folk metal lover out there. This album will take the listeners away to Fjords and make them hear and feel the cold Scandinavian breeze.

Rating : 9/10