Finally, that moment has come!

Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and an awesome 2014 full of musical happiness and good energy! 2013 has been tough for most of us. Nevertheless, I am really proud of some of the stuff I have achieved as a blogger.

Surely, 2013 has brought a lot of amazing albums and introduced me to some great bands. I did not want to do a countdown this time but just list the albums that really made me enjoy life and the power of music! Let’s begin!

                                     FINNTROLL – BLODSVEPT

Finntroll never dissapointed me and they proved this once more with Blodsvept. This album might have been a bit more different than their other albums but in my opinion, Blodsvept proved just how much Finntroll improved. Gotta love the trolls!


Most of us know Max Lilja as the former cello player of Apocalyptica and the current cello player of Tarja Turunen so this guy’s talent is not something unheard of. With Plays Electronica By One Cello, Mr. Lilja shows us what he can do as a solo artist; by combining electronic elements with the beautiful sound of cello, he definitely created a piece of art!

                                 WARDRUNA – YGGDRASIL

No words can describe how much I love Wardruna. With their second album Yggdrasil, they pushed the boundaries. This album is a masterpiece but it also has another importance for me; I love how the band describes each rune musically. This album is also a great album for meditation and for awakening!

                              CALADMOR – OF STONES AND STARS

Caladmor was the best band I discovered in 2013. I was quite impressed when I listened the album for the first time and even interviewed the band to get to know Caladmor and their music. Of Stones and Stars is full of beauty, harmony and metal! 😀

                         KATATONIA – DETHRONED & UNCROWNED

Do I need to say anything when it comes to Katatonia? Dethroned & Uncrowned has been a surprise (and maybe slight bit of disappointment) for a lot of people but for me, it just shows just how unique the band is. I also need to say that only a band like Katatonia can pull this off. After listening to this album, my respect for this band has grown bigger and I can’t wait what they have in mind for the fans in the future!

                               POISONBLACK – LYIJY

Another ‘happiness of 2013’ was Poisonblack’s Lyijy. Among all of the albums I have listened to, this album was the true ‘rock’n’roll’ album for me. The guitar riffs, the music, the vocals.. Everything reminded me of the true rock spirit and I thank Poisonblack for carrying that spirit!

                                AMORPHIS – CIRCLE

The album cover explains it all! Circle may not be Amorphis’ best record but it definitely shows how much the band has improved and that the band did not forget their roots. Circle defines true enlightment and the power of Finnish music!

                                        FALKENBACH – ASA

When we are talking about Falkenbach, we are talking about the full Nordic spirit and perfection. Asa was a bit more acoustic and more melodic than this one-man- project’s other albums but it was a true success! When you listen to this album, be prepared to be swept off to the fjörds and feel the true spirit of the North! Amazing masterpiece from an amazing musician!

                         FINNR’S CANE – A PORTRAIT PAINTED BY THE SUN

This band has been another discovery for me! After listening to A Portrait Painted By The Sun, I was truly amazed by the pagan and the doom elements in the album. My ears definitely needed an eargasm like this and this album just gave me what I needed!


Another surprise of 2013… Wisdom of Crowds is definitely the answer of “What happens if two music geniuses – Bruce Soord (The Pinaeapple Thief)  and Jonas Renkse (Katatonia) – combine their powers?” So much inspiration and so many amazing musical elements lie in this album! This album is for all the music fans out there! Do not hesitate and listen to it! You won’t be disappointed!

So many amazing concerts and so many amazing moments in the name of music… 2013 has been truly an unforgettable year for me. I am truly thankful to all of the bands and music partners for making this year unforgettable! May 2014 be better for all of us!