Band : Exthenia

EP : Dominate The Wind

Genre : Melodic Death Metal

Release Date : July 2013

Record Label : Self – released

Exthenia is a melodic death metal band from Finland. The band was formed in December 2012 and they released their first demo “Endless Path” around January- February 2013 and their debut EP “Dominate the Wind” on July 2013. On November 2013, Jere Blom joined the band as keyboardist.

 Album Review

With their debut EP “Dominate the Wind”, these young Finnish melodic death metallers surely are promising. I have to say that I am not a huge fan of this genre but from the first song “Dominate the Wind”, EXTHENIA surely gained my respect. What makes this band special is the fact that they were formed approximately one year ago but with their first debut EP, they show so much potential and so much energy. I can totally imagine the band playing songs like “Falling Down” – amazing and creative riffs and great drumming- and “Disappointment” and creating that golden melodic death metal vibe and jaw-dropping riffs.

Soundwise, the EP sounds really promising and really refreshing; it’s just the right type of melodic death metal that I want to hear. It’s rough, a little bit brutal and truly energetic. The riffs of the lead guitarist Mikael “Wessu” Weckström are truly amazing and really technical. However, I found the growls of the vocalist Juho Raita a bit too ‘raw’ for the recording; they almost sounded like ‘raw black metal growls’, which did not fit to the whole atmosphere of the EP but I am sure this will be improved in the upcoming records. Furthermore, with the new keyboardist Jere Blom, I am sure the band will create wonders and improve in the future!

In today’s world where only a few bands lead in the genre of melodic death metal, newcomer bands like EXTHENIA are surely needed. Surely this band is quite young and they have a long way to go but I am sure they will climb those stairs and gain more respect. I am looking forward to the upcoming releases of this band and eager to see what they will do with the new keyboard sounds!

Fast and technical riffs, amazing drumming and great energy and potential… “Dominate The Wind” is a must for every death metal fan out there!

Rating : 8/10

                                                      © Mari Kuunila

DOMINATE THE WIND Tracklisting: 
1. Dominate the Wind 3:34
2. Falling Down 3:18
3. Eternal Spirit 4:23
4. Disappointment 3:52
5. Death Within 4:04
Mikael Weckström – lead guitar
Ville Lähteenmäki – drums
Juho Raita – vocals, rhytm guitar
Jere Blom – keyboardist