Band :  Frosttide

Album : Awakening

Genre : Epic/folk metal

Release Date : 30.08.2013

Record Label : NoiseArt Records

Frosttide - Awakening

FROSTTIDE are a five-peace melodic/folk metal band formed by Joni Snoro in 2009. The band released their first EP called “Dawn of Frost” in 2010 and won the underground act of the year in 2011 at the Finnish Metal Expo. They have also played shows/festivals with bands like KORPIKLAANI, SABATON and FEAR FACTORY and in 2012, they released another EP called “Our Journey“. Ever since, the band has been gaining more fanbase and their newest debut album “Awakening” will be released on August 30 via NoiseArt Records.

In September/October, FROSTTIDE will embark on the HEIDENFEST 2013 tour with many bands such as ENSIFERUM, TURISAS, EQUILIBRIUM and many more!

As a fan of their early records, I decided to review this debut album. Check out my review!

Album Review

„Awakening“ welcomes us with the intro “Winter’s Call” and it is the call of the winter indeed!

At first listen, the intro reminds me of that cold, atmospheric Finnish winter. The fact that the intro is ‘soothing’ (like a cold breeze) and dynamic at the same time makes me want to explore more of the album.

With “Awakening” and “Quest For Glory”, Frosttide shows us their true colors. The best example of this is surely the harshness, which can be heard in the riffs and mainman Joni Snoro’s vocals, and those melodies in the background, which are played by the new keyboard player Felipe Munoz. What I liked about both of the songs is that while “Awakening” reflects the ‘darkness’ and the ‘harshness’, “Quest For Glory” reflects the ‘joyful’ and the more melodic side of the band and it’s always great to see that diversity in an album.

Speaking of diversity, since this concept album tells the story of a group of warriors embarking on a journey to rescue a remote village from enemy invasion, the sorrow has to be there and the songs “Dawn of Despair” and “Siege” truly reflect that. Especially with “Siege”, the album becomes darker and ‘harsher’ and it also becomes more diverse so I can clearly state that the true potential of the band lies in the last three songs; “Siege”, “Ruins of Defeat” and “Unwritten (Engraved in the Stars)”.

The song that has surprised me the most is “Unwritten (Engraved in the Stars)”. I didn’t expect such a long song in this album. For some listeners, this song might be just too much for this album; compared to other songs, it surely stands out a bit. However, I think the band has made a wise decision by ending the album with this captivating song; the ending of Unwritten is also like an outro of a typical folk/epic metal album.

Generally, “Awakening” can be considered as a really successful album. The listener can really see the improvement in the band throughout the years. Especially compared to the band’s previous EPs, “Awakening” proves that Frosttide has slowly created their own sound. I also find the line-up, which has gone through little changes recently, quite successful and this can be ‘heard’ and felt in the entire album. Furthermore, considering that composing a concept album can be quite difficult, Frosttide has really managed to reflect the emotions of the concept of the album in the songs and this is another thing I really liked.

One thing that didn’t change is the influence from other famous bands (such as Wintersun or Ensiferum) in Frosttide songs; while listening to the album, some melodies sounded really familiar. However, this should not be considered as a negative aspect; I still cannot categorize Frosttide somehow. Surely, it is clear that the band has influences from some known Finnish metal bands, but as I mentioned before, they also seemed to create their own sound and this is something that was not in their previous EPs. What I would love to see in the future is Frosttide experimenting a bit; this band has a great potential and I am sure with an experimentation of different styles and methods (such as an acoustic record or another concept album), this band might become even bigger and gain more fanbase!

“Awakening” is definitely a great start for Frosttide! Kiitos guys!

Rating : 8/10


“Awakening” tracklisting :

  1. Winter’s Call
  2. Awakening
  3. Quest For Glory
  4. No Turning Back
  5. Dawn of Despair
  6. Siege
  7. Ruins of Defeat
  8. Unwritten (Engraved in the Stars)


Joni Snoro (vocals, guitar)

Juho Patinen (guitar, backing vocals)

Joonas Nislin (drums)

Felipe Munoz (keyboards)

Lauri Myllylä (bass player in Heidenfest 2013)