Band : Dark Salvation

Album : Der Letzte Weg

Release Date : 01.02.2013

Genre : Melodic Death Metal

Record Label : Self-released

DARK SALVATION – Neues Album „Der Letzte Weg“, „Eifersucht“ Behind-The-Scenes Video!

Dark Salvation is a melodic death metal band from Liechtenstein. The band was formed in 2008 and ever since, these five metallers know how to take extreme elements from death metal and combine it with atmospheric and melodic riffs. The lyrics of the songs are in German and this makes the band even more interesting; it is an independent interpretation of the classic Göteborg-sound.

Dark Salvation released their first album “Bärgthron” in 2010 and with this record, the band made their international debut. The album received positive feedback and the band played shows in Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia and Czech Republic. These live shows also proved that Dark Salvation is promising; the band were invited as a ‘Newcomer Act’ in Metalcamp Festival in 2012.

Dark Salvation released their second album “Der Letzte Weg” in February 2013 and I decided to give it a try! Here is the album review :

Album Review

Der Letzte Weg welcomes the listener with a symphonic beginning that leads to the full ‚darkness‘ and brutality. I really liked the contrast between the symphonic beginning and the ‘full-on brutal’ song ‘Tränenmeer’; surprises are always nice in albums and this is the same with this album. Tränenmeer is also manages to catch the listener’s attention from the beginning; I am sure that even the fans of clean vocals will enjoy the harsh vocals; the vocals are not ‘disturbing’ at all and they are really smooth and it will amaze every metal fan in general. Furthermore, the guitar solo in this song shows that Dark Salvation is not an ordinary band.  Same can be said about ‘Schatten‘ and ‘Eifersucht’. I am sure that the listener will realize the ‘technical’ and the ‘diverse’ side of the album while listening to ‘Eifersucht’.

Compared to the first half of the album, the second half is much more diverse and ‘colorful’. A great example of this is ‘ Sekunden meiner Macht’, which has a melodic beginning and this makes the song stand out from all the other songs in this album. This song is also one of my favorites from this album; it is really melodic. As a fan of melodic death metal, this song impressed me a lot more than the other songs. The same can be said about the other songs in the second half of the album; these songs impressed me more and made me realize that with a bit more melody, Dark Salvation can actually create magic.

Generally, Der Letzte Weg can be considered as a promising album and it definitely shows that Dark Salvation has potential. The recording is also smooth and this makes the album enjoyable and creates an ‘easy-listening’ vibe through the ears of the listener. Another element(s) I really like in this album is the combination of the vocals and the guitar riffs; this album is not all about typical harsh ‘death-metal’ vocals but it is also not too technical and just loaded with guitar riffs. The band manages to create that balance quite well.

As I mentioned before, although I really liked the album in general, the second half of the album amazed me a lot more; songs like ‘Sekunden meiner Macht’ and ‘Pfad der Freiheit’ definitely show how melodic this band can be. The listener can also feel that the atmosphere changes a lot more with the second half of the album, the songs get faster and the album gets more ‘technical’.As a matter of fact, after listening to the album, I have realized that a little bit of diversity is what Dark Salvation needs. It is no doubt that they are a band with potential; but with more melodies and even addition of clean vocals, this band will be even more successful and they will even gain more fans.

I can recommend Der Letzte Weg to any death metal fan in general. If you are especially a fan of harsh vocals and brutal guitar riffs, then you will enjoy listening to this album. However, if you like more melodies in death metal songs, I definitely recommend the second half of the album. Dark Salvation redefines the genre of death metal and the fact that they are from a tiny country makes it even more interesting; I am definitely looking forward to their records and their live shows in the future!

Rating : 7,5/10

DER LETZTE WEG Tracklisting :

  1. Intro
  2. Tränenmeer
  3. Schatten
  4. Eifersucht
  5. Lauf der Zeit
  6. Nachtgeschrei
  7. Blutrausch
  8. Sekunden meiner Macht
  9. Pfad der Freiheit
  10. Feuertod
  11. Endzeit

Dark Salvation is :

Gianluca Teofani – vocals

Kevin Schädler – guitars

Simon Sprenger – guitars

Marcel Gebert – bass

Samuel Schädler – drums