Artist :  Max Lilja

Album : Plays Electronica By One Cello

Genre : Ambient/Instrumental

Release Date : 12.04.2013

Record Label : Maxthemusic

Max Lilja is a Finnish musician. He is best known for as a founding member of the cello rock band Apocalyptica, in which he was an active member between 1996 and 2001. He is currently the touring member for Finnish female vocalist Tarja Turunen (ex- Nightwish). Apart from working with Tarja and Apocalyptica, Max Lilja has worked with many Finnish and international artists. In his career, Max Lilja has participated in many albums and has played in hundreds of concerts in over fifty countries.

Max Lilja’s debut solo album, “Plays Electronica By One Cello” was released in April 12th, 2013 via Maxthemusic.

Before listening to this album, you have to keep in mind that this is neither a metal nor an Apocalyptica-like album. This is completely different stuff. Some of you might know Max Lilja from Apocalyptica or from being the touring member of  Tarja Turunen but when you are listening to this album, you have to kind-of forget all of this. You will understand why I mention this because “Plays Electronica By One Cello” is not like the other albums you have heard; it is completely unique and one of a kind.

What would be the best way to describe this album then? You can think of it as ‘what if the electronic music entwines with the beautiful instrument of cello?’ The question might raise some eyebrows but Max Lilja manages to combine the elements of electronic music and cello so well. The album starts in a soothing way with ‘I Sound My Sound’ and that’s what attracts me to this beautiful masterpiece. Listening to this album from the beginning to the end will be soothing for sure because although it can be considered as an electronic album, the effect of the cello really is soothing and even in the most lively and colorful songs, the cello ‘calms down’ the effect that the electronic music has on the song.

One thing I like the most about this album is there are no lyrics; the cello and the electronic music tell all the stories and represent all the emotions throughout the album. This makes the album ‘open-end’; it’s up to the listener what to feel in songs. For this reason, it is also quite difficult to mention which songs have a sad-vibe or which songs have a happy-vibe; it totally depends on the listener’s imagination and feelings.  It is also really difficult to pick a favorite from the album; almost all of the songs have their own character and they all represent different feelings. It’s like entering to an art museum and trying to pick a favorite piece of art! 😀 However, I can say that ‘It is In’ represents the dominance of cello whereas ‘You Me’ represents the electronic side of the album. One thing that is also easily recognizable is the fact that the album gets faster with each song; it starts out really soothing and becomes completely electronic towards the end.

“Plays Electronica by One Cello” can be considered as real art in today’s music industry. It is quite rare to listen to an album which is so dynamic yet so soothing. This also shows that the industry needs musicians like Max Lilja; it is not easy combining completely different elements of music and creating a masterpiece. I recommend this album to anyone who wants to listen to a ‘good-quality’ music album!

Rating : 10/10


1. I Sound My Sound

2. Now

3. A State of Mind

4. Count Phase

5. Like This

6.It is In

7. The End

8. You Me

9. Qualified

10.In SoS