Finnish folk metallers Korpiklaani have decided to part ways with the accordion player Juho Kauppinen.

Here is what Juho says about the decision :

“I have decided to set my goals elsewhere, as a result of which Korpiklaani will go on without me from now on. Korpiklaani was a prominent part of my life for long, but after these eight and a half years I played in the band I have come to realize that I currently want to experience and pursue something else.

Accordion has never been my primary instrument. I also understood that performing in front of an audience is not exactly what I hugely enjoy. Strange as it sounds, what I most want from making music nowadays is playing guitar at home. That is what I find relaxing and free of stress.

Some people love touring, but because I am a very private person I found living and traveling on the tour bus for four weeks in a row a little challenging. Nevertheless, I got to experience many things I am deeply grateful for and want to thank all Korpiklaani’s listeners, fellow bands, crew members and our staff who enabled all of this. I am glad that the band has now found a truly professional accordionist to take the place of me to take care of the future tours and shows as planned. I wish everyone well. The journey has just begun.”

It’s sad to hear that Juho left the band 😦 Accordion is an important instrument in Korpiklaani’s music and I actually enjoyed the “cold” attitude of Juho in the band’s concerts. Nevertheless, I am sure the band will find another amazing accordion player. I wish Juho success in his future career/life! 🙂