Date : 30.01.2013

Bands : Metsatöll (EE), Korpiklaani (FI)

Location : Essen (DE)

When we are talking about Korpiklaani, there is never such a thing as too many Korpiklaani concerts. This was the case with this concert as well; although I have seen Korpiklaani 2 times already, I could not miss this concert. In addition, the supporting act, which is the Estonian folk metal band Metsatöll, was one of the bands I really wanted to see live.

Metsatöll started the first leg of the Manala Tour with “Sojasuda”. I think the crowd did not really understand what was going on when the band started to sing in Estonian but the people in the front rows  – including me – were really into the band! I could already see some Metsatöll fans singing along to the songs, which was quite impressive.

One thing that caught my attention from the first moment was the perfect balance of the heavy metal vibe and the folk music. This perfect balance could be seen in the vocalist/guitarist Markus “Rabapagan” and vocalist / guitarist/ person with ‘the folk instruments’ Lauri “Varulven”. Speaking of folk instruments, there should be something said about Lauri. Normally in folk metal bands, the folk metal players are mostly in the background but it was really clear that Lauri was in charge in most of the songs. At one moment, he was playing the Estonian bagpipes and then he was switching to the flutes. There were moments when he played two flutes at the same time or when he was rocking to the harp. This was one thing that I really liked; this meant that I could enjoy the heavy metal as well as watch Lauri play the most interesting instruments ever!

Metsatöll played most of their classics and the ‘fan-favorites’ like “Kivine Maa”, “Küü” and “Vaid Vaprust” as well as other great songs like “Rabakannel” and “Muhu Oud”. Since the band sings in Estonian, they also did not forget to explain the story behind some of their songs like “Roju” and “Muhu Oud”. Surely, it was hard to sing along to their songs but I think the joy within the songs and the unique sound of the band was enough! 😀

Overall, Metsatöll gave an amazing performance! I remember the first time I listened to the band and I was really impressed by then. I got the same impression in this live show as well; they are definitely unique. One thing I didn’t like was the crowd though; this was a folk metal night after all so I expected the crowd to be a bit more joyful.

Rating : 10/10

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After an amazing performance by Metsatöll, it was time for the crazy Finnish metallers Korpiklaani! After the intro, the band started the set with “Tuonelan Tuvilla” from their latest album “Manala”. It was as if the whole venue was on fire! The band was on the move all the time – maybe except the accordion player Juho Kauppinen and the violinist Tuomas Rounakari 😀 – and cheerful songs were waiting for the fans.

Korpiklaani continued the set with songs like “Ruumiinmultaa”, “Lonkkaluut” and “ Sumussa Hämäran Aamun”. Some of the highlights of the set were the songs “Midsummer Night” and “Kipumylly”  which were surprising to hear. Compared to the songs they played in Heidenfest 2012, I can say that this setlist was really colorful; the fans could get a taste of the new as well as the old era of the band. The vocalist Jonne Järvelä and the guitarist Cane also made sure that the fans did not even have time to breathe or stop; especially the way Jonne bonded with the fans during the songs was amazing. This is always a typical Korpiklaani tradition though so I was not surprised; this showed that just how loyal Korpiklaani is to their fans and this also means that Korpiklaani shows are always special and meaningful.

When we are talking about Korpiklaani songs, there are some songs that should be played at every gig. Some of these songs were “Vodka”, “Tequila” and “Happy Little Boozer”. It is always a great feeling to hear these songs live. I also expected the band to play “Beer Beer” but they didn’t play it this time. I can’t complain though; the band had a lot to offer!

One highlight of the gig was “Husky Sledge” which is the solo performance of the violinist, Tuomas Rounakari,  for solo project Shamanviolin. This song, which only features the violin and the thumping- was like a ‘pause moment’ after so many fast and crazy songs. With this song, the fans could actually see another side of Korpiklaani.

Overall, no words could describe just how powerful Korpiklaani was. This was my third time seeing the band live and I can definitely say that Korpiklaani is one of those bands that one can see live again and again and never gets tired of it. This band gives 110% in their concerts. Thanks to both bands for a great folk metal night! 😀

Rating : 10/10

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